Travel Prices Surge

Travel Prices Surge

The Price of Travel Surges

I am sure that many of you have noticed by now how much it costs to travel anywhere. The prices have surged, and just absolutely skyrocketed. Even people like Shalom Lamm have noticed the price increase, due to the pandemic being over with.

That’s what this is really about. There’s a very noticeable price increase in hotel rooms and flights, since the pandemic is over with. The pandemic isn’t as bad as it was. People are getting their vaccinations. Life is going back to normal, which means the prices of things like this are going up.

You may be wondering why the prices of hotels and flights would start increasing now that the pandemic is over, but think about it. They didn’t get as much business because of the pandemic, and now that it’s over, and absolutely everyone is travelling, they’re going to raise their prices.

They’re increasing their prices to try making money back for all the money that they lost over the past year. They also know that people are going to pay the prices, because everyone is ready to get out and do things. People are ready to celebrate the pandemic being over, so they are ready to go places, and do things. They know that people will pay it, and obviously people are. This is the price we have to pay for a year of a pandemic, and having to not go do fun things.

These businesses took a hit from this pandemic, maybe worse than most. People were traveling less, which means hotel rooms, and flights, weren’t needed as much, or as often, as they normally were. They wound up losing a lot of their normal business due to the pandemic, and they still had their normal bills to pay to run the business. They have to keep their employees paid, their hotel, or plane, clean, the rooms clean, keep the airport up, and running, fuel for planes, the list is literally endless. They still maintained all of this, while taking in a lot less income that they would have normally been making, thanks to the pandemic hitting. Now that it’s over with, they’re going to want to try making up for that lost money. You would too though, I am sure.

However, even Shalom Lamm knows that this price surge won’t stay here forever. We won’t have to pay these insane extra prices. Hotel rooms and flights will go back to their normal rates before long. They just need time to adjust, and make back some of the money that they lost from the pandemic hitting last year. Businesses were hurt just like us.

We will just have to wait it out, until the high prices adjust, and drop back down. They won’t be high like this for much longer. Let’s let them work on making some of their profit back that they lost out on last year due to the pandemic. They’re helping us out by still running, and giving us a place to stay while we go out of town on vacation since this pandemic is finally over.