Taking Breaks During the Work Day

Recent research has shown that sitting stagnant for long periods of time is difficult on the human body. According to Better health Channel, sitting stationary for multiple hours in a row, can be just as dangerous to the human body, if not more than, smoking. Due to health risks of staying at one’s desk without movement for a long period, Diego Ruiz Duran takes multiple breaks throughout the workday. Duran will leave his workstation every hour for a few minutes, to increase blood flow, increase metabolism and reduce severe health risks associated with cardiovascular disease. Taking multiple breaks from a work station throughout the day has also been known to improve one’s anxiety / depression disorders, improve body mass index (avoid weight gain) while improving one’s overall health. Heart Disease and Major Cancer types have been linked to those individuals who hold stationary positions as their main career focus throughout their life.

There are many reasons why individuals in a typical office environment should take multiple breaks. As listed previously, it can assist in avoiding major health concerns as a result. However, taking multiple short breaks throughout the day can also increase brain functional and development. When the brain has time to be removed from a computer screen multiple times throughout the day, screen fatigue can be avoided. Thus, the human brain can interrupt information clearer when resumed.

A well-known Japanese automobile manufacturing company uses this method across all levels of employment. Every few hours, an announcement is made, and employees are strongly encouraged to participate in the company-wide stretch time. This is to help keep employees motivated and energized at the task at hand, while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is stated that the average person should walk 10,000 steps per day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If one spends 1/3 of their day sitting at a desk, it will be difficult to average the recommended 10,000 steps per day. However, if one takes multiple small breaks throughout the work week, this can easily be accomplished. Reaching this 10,000 step recommendation can also be made easier when the employee: parks away from the office door entrance, walks the long-way to the restrooms, and even takes small detours when fetching a glass of water or a copy of the printer machine.

Multiple breaks throughout the workday have many health, emotional and social benefits in the workplace. Besides helping in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it can also assist in nutritious social life as well. Human beings were made to have interaction with one another throughout their lives. When employees take multiple breaks throughout the day, this provides many possibilities of small talk, greetings, and other communications related to the company, location, job at hand and other common, socially acceptable topics. Employees should participate in multiple, small breaks throughout the day to increase work effectiveness, brain function, blood circulation, reduce possibility of severe long-term health concerns and social-norm queues just to name a few.