A Comprehensive Guide to Vape Mods

A Comprehensive Guide to Vape Mods

Are you into vaping? If so, then you will appreciate the new trend of vaping using vape mods. One of the great ways to quit smoking is by vaping. Cigarettes are quite costly not to mention unhealthy too.

The world of vaping has transformed a lot over the years paving the way for new methods and trends and vape mods are the latest. The trick with vaping is the more you do it the less you will crave for nicotine. With time you might not have to vape at all.

The device you use will determine the amount of nicotine you consume. E-cigarettes deliver little nicotine per puff but mods deliver more. Vaping might not make enough sense at first but what you need to understand is that.

If you want to vape e-liquids, wax or vape plant matter, you have to understand how to go about it. Well, we did some research for you and here is a guide that will help you understand vape mods and how to use them.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping can be described as inhaling the vapor of an intoxicating and delicious substance that has been superheated. When smoking weed, the THC and any other cannabinoids in it are vaporized through the heating process but not burned. On the other hand, e-vaping uses e-juice which is a safe and healthy alternative.

A growing number of people are now turning to vaping. Vaping beginners are categorized into three types:

The vapers: these are those who have already understood what vaping is and have embraced the idea.
The converts: those who quit smoking and have taken up vaping
Potential converts: these are the people who want to quit smoking.

Types of Vaping Devices

There are a number of devices that you can use when vaping.

1. Pod Mods

Not as small and stylish like vape pens, pod mods are unique in their own way and are also very convenient to use. Pod mods also deliver very high performance.

The devices have become common among both veteran and beginner vapers. They look like gadgets from outer space and adds some bit of swag to the user. Perfect for show-offs.

2. Vape Pen

This is one of the stylish vaping devices in the market. They are shaped like a pen and can easily fit in your pocket. Its elegance and size make it easy to use even in public.

3. Box Mods

This gadget is for the veteran vapers because of its effect. They contain a bigger vape and mod tank and can make your vaping experience last longer. The tank can also be customized for converts who are yet to get their feet in the game.

Box mods will give you complete control of your vaping settings. For example, if you want a deeper flavor and density then you can be able to as per your taste and vaping experience. Beginner box mods have fewer buttons than vapers box mods.

4. Cig-a-like

This device resembles a cigarette and it is mainly for those who miss the look of the traditional cigarette. They do not offer much output power and cannot be customized and are recommended for those who are just transitioning into vaping.

Understanding Vape Mods

Mods came into play to quench the consumers’ desire to want a better vaping experience that they can also customize. Today they have the biggest numbers of followers. While they sound fun, they are not easy to get to because they are made up of several components:

  • The tank: This is what holds your e-juice or vape juice. The tanks vary in size but remember they can be customized to hold as little as 1 or 2 mL and also 10mL.
  • The coil: This is the heating element in the device. It has different resistances from 0.2 ohms and over 1.8 ohms. There are vapers who go to the extent of building their oil wick and coil. But they can be bought and replaced together.
  • Wick: E-juice, when heated directly, can lead to a very unpleasant experience. This is why the device consists of a wick with absorbs the vape juice and carries it to the coil. The wicks can be made from silica, cotton, or any other capable material.
  • Battery Mod: Found at the bottom of the device, the battery mod can hold up to 3 batteries depending on the size of the device. The original battery is a 16850 rechargeable battery. This unit controls the wattage, ohms, temperature, and volts.
  • Mouthpiece: This is also known as the drip tip and it is where you will smoke from. Tips are made out of different materials like simple plastic, glass, steel, and pyrex,
  • The Atomizer: If you are one of those people who never want to tire while shopping around for mod parts, then this is for you. Atomizers are simply the four components of a vape mode sold together. All you have to do is to simply screw it to the battery mod and once you fill up the tank you are good to go.

Vaping for beginners is very exciting and is a chance for you to try new things, make new friends and have a whole new lifestyle. You will have the chance to safely experiment and learn a few tricks here and there that you can share with your friends. All you have to do is to pick the right gadget.

Choosing Your First Mod device

The market today has a variety of vape mods from different companies. This makes it hard to know which one is the best. Ask yourself the following question before choose a vape mod.

  • Is it discreet?
  • Is it complicated to understand?
  • Do You want a large cloud production?
  • How much are you willing to spend on it?
  • What are your vaping goals?

The prices of mods depend on their size and quality too. They can cost as little as $30 and as much as $300. Do not be fooled, they do not give the same experience.

If you want to remain discreet then cig-a-like can be your number one choice. But if you want a better and more challenging experience then you can go for a better device.

Check out what is in the market, their descriptions, and reviews too. This will help you understand the devices from different manufacturers are if they are your perfect fit. Remember, this is not the end of technology as far as vape mods are concerned.

Maybe the best vape mod is yet to come but you cannot wait for it. If you want to quit smoking and are getting into vaping then better start now.

Advantages of Vape Mods

You might ask yourself why choose a mod over a small stylish and discreet device like a vape pen? Well, a huge number of vapers still prefer mods over pens regardless of their size.

Vape mods are less flexible but they provide a good experience that you cannot get with vape pens. Here are some of the characteristics of mods that make them stand out.

1. Vape Mods Have a Long Battery Life

They have internal space that can take up a number of batteries. Smaller mods can accept 2 batteries while a larger mod up to 4 batteries.

More power means higher wattage, better performance, and longer battery life in between charging times. In other words, you can use it more for a long time.

2. Vape Mods Have a Better Cloud Production

Some people consider more cloud production as their best part about vaping. Mods have better wattage and performance. This will translate to more vapor production per hit and bigger clouds.

Vape pens have low wattage and minimal vapor. There are vape mods in the market today that have a wattage of 300w. They can produce clouds that are able to fill a room just with two hits. Therefore, if you a cloud chaser then mods are your best bet.

3. They Have Better Control

Today’s Vape mods are built with state of the art circuit boards that gives you the ability to change and manage settings to your liking. They are the best for beginners because you can be able to control how much you consume and as you perfect your vaping game. You can also change the settings depending on your mood or location.

Vaping is a fun experience and vaping devices are legal too and have been approved by the FDA. This means that manufacturing companies have to make quality devices.

Consider Using Vape Mods for a Better Vaping Experience

Vaping, when compared to smoking, is very fun and healthy too. Once you Embracing vaping, you will realize that it is more than just trying to quit smoking.

Vaping will open up your world to a whole new lifestyle, which is trendy and stylish. If you are a vaper, convert or a beginner, do not be left out of the new trend of vape mods.

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Protection With Style: 10 Best Phone Cases of 2019

Protection With Style: 10 Best Phone Cases of 2019

You have invested in the latest phone, and now you are in the market looking for the best phone cases. Well good for you, because you need to keep your phone safe. We have taken the time to see the various phone cases available in the market and will review some of them below.

Which are the Best Phone Cases of 2019?

A phone case is a must-have item for anyone who knows the value of their phone. You can choose this custom product to suit what you like in terms of look color or size. There is a wide variety of trendy phone cases to choose from in the market.

So let’s go ahead and dive into our review of best phone cases of 2019.

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

The Spigen ultra hybrid phone case is for iPhones and features a minimalist, slim design. You will get good protection for your phone in case it drops. The back comprises of PC, which is rigid, and the bumper is flexible while giving you a good grip.

The buttons are ductile, and the cut-outs are precise meaning you’ll have no problems with access. You also get yellowing resistance and good clarity.

Some users have a problem with fitting the iPhone XS into the case, due to different dimensions in the newer models. The speaker ports do not also matchup in some of them.

2. OtterBox Symmetry

The Otterbox symmetry has Polycarbonate outer shell and synthetic interior made of rubber. It is pocket-friendly, while still offering great protection and durability. It comes in a wide range of colors and is suitable for most phones, including Samsung, Apple, and Android.

What we do not like about it is that it is not waterproof. It also does not have an inbuilt battery or a kickstand you can fold out. It may also add a little bulk to your phone, so if you like a slim look, this may not be the one for you.

3. Spigen Rugged Armour

Spigen Rugged Armour is one of the best smartphone cases available in the market. What you get is a thin case, and is great for the Google Pixel 3. The case features a two-tone texturized look, made of matte carbon fiber.

The shell will easily accommodate your phone, while the texturized interior will give your phone a good grip. You will get good drop protection due to the air cushion technology. The raised lip sleep at the front will ensure no phone damage even if it falls face-first.

Volume controls are easy due to tactile buttons. You will also be able to charge your phone wirelessly. One thing you need to be cautious about is that it is slippery to the touch.

4. Otterbox Samsung S7 Edge Defender case

The Otterbox Defender Case is one of the popular phone cases due to four-layer protection. You get a rugged case that comes with iPhone buffer, screen cover, outer slipcover, and inner shell. If you like the outdoors, the belt clip will keep your phone secure every time.

Coming in at almost $60, it may be a bit costly when you compare it to the other products available in the market.

5. Moment Pixel Photo Case

The Moment Pixel Photo Case will work well with the pixel, iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. The focus is on the camera, and it has an inbuilt lens interface. The body is made of rubber, giving you good drop protection. It also comes with a strap attachment for extra safety.

You can also get the Moments battery photo case for iPhones, which has an in-built battery, integrated lightning Port, and two-stage shutter button. The case is thin, and it is available in Canvas or real American wood. This case is suitable for iPhone x, 8 and 8 Plus, and 7 and 7plus

6. Zizo Bolt series

Zizo Bolt series is an iPhone case that comes with a tempered glass screen protector. The package includes a holster, and the design departs from the former ones which were very bulky.

The lanyard is a good touch, and you get a heavy duty case at a friendly price.

7. Sand marc Lens Edition

The Sand marc lens edition is for iPhones only, and you get a case with a brilliant lens. It is, therefore, suitable for those who like photography because it features macro lens, 5 fisheye lens, 4x telephoto zoom, and 2x wide lens.

If you are to consider the phone case trends 2019, you may not get too much protection from this one, but you will get great photos.

8. JETech Cases

The JetchCase has superior shock absorption capabilities due to the bumper cover. Coming in at under $10 on Amazon, it is pocket-friendly. You can use it for Apple iPhone 8, and iPhone 7.

The cover is made of PCU and TPU, has a slim design, and you get easy access to all the controls. If you are the rough outdoorsy type, avoid this case because it may be a bit fragile.

9. Spigen Neo Hybrid

The Spigen Neo hybrid comes in a wide range of colors, and you can use it for Apple, Samsung and Android phones. It is a slim case, and has great shock absorption with a dual layer for extra protection. the body is made of herringbone textured rubber, thus giving you a good grip.

With Spigen Neo hybrid, you get a stylish, functional and usable phone case. It may not, however, be a very good choice for you if you are clumsy. Some reviewers say that they wish it could be a little bit tougher.

10. Torras Slim Fit

As the name suggests, you get a slim case, but do not let the look fool you. The level of protection is very good due to the flexible, hard plastic case. It has a nice feel to it, and you will not have a problem fitting in the screen protectors.

Some people find it a bit slippery.

Have you Found the One you Like?

We have given you our opinions on some of the best phone cases in the market. In the spirit of balance, we have given you the pros and cons of each case.

You can bookmark us for more information. Otherwise, go ahead and protect your investment.

Puppy Fever? Top 7 Reasons To Get A Labrador Retriever

Puppy Fever? Top 7 Reasons To Get A Labrador Retriever

Getting a dog is a big decision. There are so many adorable canines out there who need a home. Plus, you have to consider your space, your family, and your lifestyle. How will a new puppy fit in?

As you consider all of the breeds out there, you may think about appearance, personality, and temperament. You may have fond memories of your childhood pet which you would like to replicate. But, like kids, each pet is different in its own way.

If you want to reduce your risk of choosing a dog that is unfriendly, overly aggressive, or simply too difficult for your way of life, there are some breeds which are a sure thing. One example: the Labrador Retriever.

Labradors have so many good traits for a pet that they have been consistently named one of the most popular breeds in the U.S. and the U.K. for many years in a row. In many ways they are the ideal dog: just ask any of the thousands of happy Lab owners registered with the American Kennel Club.

Here are seven reasons why you should get a Labrador. 

1. Labs are Sporty 

if you like to run, hike, swim, play Frisbee, bicycle, or any other sports, a lab will be your constant companion. These dogs have lots of energy and are very athletic. 

Labs need lots of exercise time, so it is important that your home has a big backyard or other play areas where they can romp and roam. You also need to have a schedule that allows for frequent walks, especially when they are young and are being trained.

Luckily, labs are very intelligent (see #4), so they not only get house trained quickly, but they are easily trained to accompany you on all sorts of excursions.

You can take your Lab on camping trips or long hikes where he will follow you every step of the way on mountain ledges and rocky trails. Labs are game for anything! 

They also love sports and are eager to play catch with anything you throw at them. They can join in a game of Ultimate Frisbee with you and your mates!

A Labrador is also an ideal hunting or fishing companion. As their name implies,  they are great at retrieving game. Their love of water makes them eager to dive into rivers and lakes to grab pheasants and quail. 

2. They are Child- Friendly… Very Friendly! 

For 28 years in a row, Labradors have been named America’s most popular breed! 

No doubt, this popularity stems from the Lab’s outgoing and friendly personality. Energetic and cuddly, loyal and friendly, Labs are great for every pet owner, from an older person in need of a companion to a big family. 

If you have kids, Labs are an excellent choice for the family pet. They have endless supplies of patience for toddlers who live to pull their ears and climb all over them. Because they have been bred to retrieve birds for hunters, they tend to “gum” instead of bite.

This kind of canine can be very gentle and protective of little ones. That’s why they not only are great companions for kids,  but also “top dog” service animals for people with disabilities.

A labrador is so lovable, the only real danger is she might lick you to death!  They are also undeniably cute.

There’s a reason Labs are often cast as the perfect puppy in commercials and advertisements. Brown or golden lab puppies have big paws, big eyes and are fluffy and irresistible. Be warned, if you see an ad or sign that says, chocolate lab puppies for sale, chances are you are going to come home with your kids’ new best friend!

3. They Have Lovable Dispositions

Labs are affable and friendly. They also love to help, which is why they are so good at providing service to the disabled, support to soldiers, and assistance to the police in search and rescue missions or by sniffing out contraband.

Labs respond well to food and love, like pats on the head, scratches under the chin, and encouraging words. They are easy to train because they are so easy to please. They want nothing more than to make their masters proud.

This breed is so loving that they actually are not ideal guard dogs. Some owners have reported that their labs have been too friendly to intruders! 

Other breeds may be irritable, territorial, aloof, or aggressive. Most Labs on the other hand simply love to be loved. 

While the majority of labs are patient, obedient and affectionate, it should be noted that, like all breeds, there are some exceptions, especially among dogs who have not been raised in loving environments. Always make sure you check out the breeder or owner of any dog before you bring them into your own home. 

4. They are Super Smart

The dogs most frequently trained as seeing eye dogs? Labradors. Dogs best suited to being trained for investigative work with law enforcement agencies, customs and border patrol, and other high stakes jobs? Labradors! 

Labs are easily trainable which is why they are often selected to help in certain human professions. They respond well to commands. They learn lessons quickly and retain their knowledge.

Labradors also exhibit what is called emotional intelligence. Owners frequently report that their labs will demonstrate empathy with them. They comfort their masters when they are sad and they sense when they are afraid.

5. They Love to Swim

Labrador retrievers were bred to be water dogs. They have water-resistant double coats that provide insulation against cold water. Their short hair keeps them warm but doesn’t drag them down when it gets wet.

Labs even have webbed toes to facilitate swimming. They also have short otter-like tails which they use as rudders to steer them in the water.

Originally from the island of Newfoundland, fishermen used to use these dogs to bring in nets, pull ropes between boats, and recover escaped fish. This must have instilled in the breed a great love for the water because even city-raised Labs will jump in a pond, pool or puddle if they have the chance! 

6. They Get Along With Other Animals

Labs are typically born into litters of 8 pups or more, so they are used to big families! Because tolerance is one of their most dominant traits, they are a great breed to introduce to a multi-pet household.

Labs are usually patient and persistent enough to endear themselves to even the most snobby cat. Check out Youtube for millions of videos of Labs cuddling with kittens and other creatures. 

If you are introducing a new pet into your home where a Lab lives, follow the guidelines you would with any other kind of dog. Introduce them slowly and arrange the first meeting on neutral territory like a park. Make sure each dog has their own toys, bed, and space.

7. Everyone Loves a Labrador!

People of all ages and abilities love Labs. As we have discussed, Labs are often used as Seeing Eye dogs for the visually impaired. They help people with other disabilities as well.

For people with mobility issues,  Labs have been known to help with such tasks as picking up keys, a wallet, or the mail. They can turn on appliances like the washing machine, or open doors. They can help the deaf by letting them know when a doorbell or phone is ringing. 

Labradors are also important members of the armed forces. Their powerful sense of smell enables them to detect traces of explosive material. They have been employed in war zones like Afghanistan to help soldiers.

Their noses also come in hand with sniffing out drugs at airports, and even alerting people with health issues. They are frequently used to help track missing people after natural disasters or criminal activity. 

They can detect all kinds of medical emergencies, like alerting owners to an impending seizure, to detecting low blood sugar in diabetics and tumors in cancer patients.

Whether you need the brains and nose of a smart Lab to help you in your job or daily life, or whether you simply want a cuddly friend to play with, you can’t go wrong with a Labrador. 

For The Best Dog for Work and Play, Get a Labrador 

A Lab is smart, friendly, patient and kind. She will be your best buddy and your faithful jogging partner. She will help you complete tasks you may not be able to do on your own, and she can help defend your home. 

If you have room for him to run and play, and time to spend with him on long walks, fishing trips, or cuddles by the fire, think about whether you and your family should get a Labrador. If you are willing to make time for him by playing catch, brushing his beautiful coat, and integrating him into your family,  a Lab is surely the right dog for you. 

If you get a Lab, you will have a best friend for life! Contact us if you are considering getting a Labrador as your family pet.

Don’t Forget Your Furry Friend! Top 10 Pet Traveling Accessories

Don’t Forget Your Furry Friend! Top 10 Pet Traveling Accessories

Traveling is something everyone wishes they could do more.

But how do you travel if you have a furry friend who never wants to leave your side? 

The answer lies in two key points. 

First, be realistic about where you want to travel with your pet. 

Second, make sure you have all of the right pet travel accessories!

Pet travel accessories can literally make or break your vacation with your pet. Being well prepared and appropriately equipped will make your vacation smooth and easy-going. 

Then, you’ll be able to enjoy what’s really important – spending time with your number one companion!

Must-Have Pet Travel Accessories

Depending on where you intend to travel and what you intend to do while vacationing, some of these pet travel accessories are an absolute must!

Make things easy on yourself, and comfortable for your pet. Investing in these simple items can accomplish both. 

Check out our top 10 list of accessories to make the most of your trip with your pet!

1. Travel Food and Water Containers

Most pet dishes aren’t made for life on the road. Make sure you get a travel-friendly food and water dish for your buddy. 

They make collapsible bowls as well as tough rubber and plastic dishes. The choice is yours!

Additionally, it may not be a bad idea to look into portable pet water bottles. They are a traditional water bottle capped with a dispenser/trough design. With the push of a button, water is released into the trough where your pet can lap it up.

2. Pet Crate

Although you may not think you need it, at some point on the road you’re going to wish you had a pet crate.

Sometimes our furry friends are too curious for their own good and put themselves in danger. Other times, they get so excited they have a hard time controlling their behavior. And sometimes, they just need to be crated for the sake of other people.

Whatever the reason, you can find the perfect crate for your pet at https://www.petcratesdirect.com. Good luck and happy crate-hunting!

3. Waste Cleanup Accessories

You wouldn’t much appreciate someone bringing their dog into your home and letting him make waste on the carpet, would you?

Likewise, while traveling, it’s important to clean up after your pet. Make sure you bring plenty of pet waste clean up accessories when you go on your trip. These include plenty of bags and a small shovel or garden spade to help clean up solid waste.

4. Pet Tracker

The worst thing that could ever happen while traveling with your pet would be losing them in a strange place. 

They don’t know the area and you probably don’ t either.

GPS pet trackers like Whistle 3 allows you to track your pet via Google Maps and monitor their activity. It even lets you set up “safe zones” and alerts you when your pet’s not in them!

These types of pet travel accessories are absolutely vital for your pet’s well-being and your peace of mind.

5. Car Seat Cover

Car seat covers are the ultimate in pet travel accessories. It protects your seats from claws, drooling, waste, and fur.

Not only that, but a car seat cover lets your pet own the back seat, so they can be plenty comfortable during the trip.

Finally, at the end of the trip, you have minimal cleaning to do to get your car back in order!

6. Zip Line System

There are multiple types of zip line systems for your pet. 

One type secures them to the back seat, keeping them from distracting you and out of harms way in the event of an accident.

The other kind is designed to be hung up between to high points at about four or five feet. Trees usually work well.

The leash is then attached to the zip line and allows your dog to run back and forth without being tangled up in traditional ropes or cables.

7. Cleaning Accessories

Let’s face it, no matter how careful and attentive you are, there’s a good chance your pet will have some form of an accident on your trip.

Therefore, cleaning supplies are at the top of the list of pet travel accessories to have on hand. 

Make sure you bring disinfectants, deodorizers, and wipes just in case your furry friend has an upset stomach or an accident.

8. Protective/Warm Pet Clothing

The last thing you want to do while taking your four-legged companion on an adventure with you is exposing them to the elements.

Animals don’t enjoy being cold and wet any more than we do. Make sure your pet is taken care of with some basic pet travel accessories such as blankets, sweaters, and even rain jackets.

If you plan on taking them out onto the water or crossing any streams or rivers, make sure you equip them with a pet lifejacket as well!

They’ll be happy you thought of them!

9. Pop-Up Dog Tent

Not all dogs do well in human tents. It’s okay, it just means they need their own!

You don’t want your furry friend out there in the elements but you know they have a tendency to bring mud and dirt in. Some dogs can even tear holes in the floor.

Instead, get a small pop-up dog tent just for them. Pawhut makes a fantastic dog tent to keep your pet out of the elements and away from pesky insects!

10. Pet Carrier

Sometimes, it’s necessary to carry our smaller four-legged friends. If you have a pet that enjoys or needs to be carried, a pet carrier is one of the most important pet-travel accessories you can buy.

Pet carriers come in all different sizes, colors, and designs. You can carry your pet around in a baby Mei Tai style carrier, a backpack, a satchel,  a hand-carried basket, etc. There are a surprising number of choices.

Enjoy Your Time

Regardless of whatever pet travel accessories you bring on your trip, make sure you get the most out of your time with your furry friend.

It always seems like time flies by so fast we never had time to appreciate the small moments. 

Plan a trip today with your companion and cherish every second of it!

Spa-Like Brooklyn Waxing Salon Delivers a Painless Experience For All

Spa-Like Brooklyn Waxing Salon Delivers a Painless Experience For All

Heading into bathing suit season, many of us are working towards our summer goals and preparing to become ‘beach body’ ready. For some of us, that means hitting the gym to tone the body and drop a few extra pounds. For others, this could mean breaking out the razor or opting for a specialized waxing treatment for smooth, glowing skin. But for Brooklyn’s leading waxing salon, Brazils Waxing Center, literally every body is a beach body.

“We focus on full body, all-natural, organic hard waxing for both men and women, young and old, in a judgment-free, body positive zone,” says Brazils Waxing Center partner, Uthman Arogundade.

Creating an Environment of Body Positivity

The summer is a beautiful time to connect with friends and enjoy a sunnier disposition. But despite its free-spirited nature, the summer can also induce a great deal of pressure for both men and women to look a certain way, not to mention fitting a certain image. Focused primarily on the value of inclusion, Brazils Waxing Center hopes to alleviate some of this pressure, welcoming individuals of every age, gender, and body type from the moment they step into the door. The waxing salon also makes a point to make each client feel at home, creating a relaxing, spa-like experience that everyone can enjoy.

Upon walking in, you will see a clean, bright and vibrant facility with white décor and pops of color.  First-timers check-in on modern iPad stands.  Our music is curated by the staff. Our waxing rooms are unique and very chic – customers get to lay down on 360-degree reclining waxing chairs.  We use a custom blend of our own proprietary hard wax,” Uthman Arogundade adds.

A New Breed of Waxing Salons

It’s no wonder why the salon has amassed literally hundreds of Yelp reviews with the highest ratings in Brooklyn over the course of just one year. Opened in March of 2018, Brazils Waxing Center delivers a six-step waxing process using hard wax to minimize discomfort and maximize results. Unlike soft wax methods that utilize cloth strips, Brazil’s wax sticks to hair, instead of skin to create a less painful experience overall. The salon also utilizes 360-degree reclining chairs to reach every angle effectively in the most comfortable position. Each client is treated as an individual, given their own individualized wax pot to ensure sanitary practices. In other words, Brazils Waxing Center never ‘double dips.’ Combining medical-grade equipment, with a warm and relaxing spa environment, Brazils Waxing Center makes waxing a painless experience for all.

Compelling Reasons to Wax

But first, what exactly is waxing? Waxing is a popular semi-permanent hair removal technique that removes hair from the root. While you may have gotten used to the nicks and cuts that come with shaving, waxing can present a safer and less painful alternative. Waxing has also been known to last a lot longer than shaving techniques. In fact, clients of Brazils Waxing Center typically see results that last between four to six weeks. After waxing, hair grows back thinner and lighter as well, making the hair follicles weaker over time.

Ditching the Toxic Environment

Another compelling reason to wax is that waxing products are typically derived from all-natural ingredients. Unfortunately, a number of other skincare products out there and found in drugstores or online are lurking with dangerous chemicals that not only irritate the skin but can also lead to toxicity in the body and scary disease like cancer in the long run. Chemicals like Triethanolamine are commonly found in shaving creams and gels and have been associated with hormone disruption as well as cancer-causing nitrates. Other chemicals have been known to produce a number of health issues ranging from osteoarthritis to heart disease to early-onset menopause. If that isn’t scary enough, Polytetrafluoroethylene is the exact same ingredient used to make non-stick cookware like Teflon. Imagine absorbing that into your body! Phthalates are another scary breed of chemicals found in shaving creams and other beauty products. Phthalates are used to make plastics and essentially act as endocrine disruptors that can affect the hormones in the brain. Pregnant women are even advised against the use of this chemical as it can affect the mental and physical development of their offspring.

Redefining Beauty Ideals

It’s time to leave this toxic environment behind for good! By challenging beauty ideals and welcoming an attitude of inclusivity, it’s places like Brazils Waxing Center that will change the beauty landscape for the better. Leading with a natural approach and the trademarked motto, Appreciate Every Body®, Brazils Waxing Center celebrates one universal truth, we are all beautiful.


5 Key Reasons Why You Should Apply for a Personal Loan

5 Key Reasons Why You Should Apply for a Personal Loan

A personal loan is a crucial stepping stone to improving your credit. Personal loans provide you with excellent ways to make major purchases and consolidate debts.

If you’re wondering whether you should apply for a personal loan, you’re in the right place. Personal loans are used for a broad range of options. This guide will give you five reasons why you should consider applying for a personal loan.

1. Consolidate Debt

Imagine you have outstanding credit card debts or multiple loans that are overdue. In such moments, a personal loan will come in handy. Things become easier by combining all your outstanding balances.

When lenders owe you lots of debts, you pay high-interest rates. The process is tedious and inconvenient, and some payments can get lost in the shuffle or overlooked.

Consolidating enables you to handle one payment with a defined end term at a fixed rate. Besides, debt consolidation loans have high approval rates.

2. Boost Your Credit Score

It’s another great reason to apply for a loan. Imagine you have no credit or bad credit score? Your credit history has a significant effect on influencing your score.

Be sure you understand what impacts your credit score. Your credit history has an impact of 15% on the entire credit score. By taking the loan and paying regularly, your rating will rise.

In the future, it gives you better chances of applying for larger amounts. The personal loan will repair or boost your credit score by creating a good credit history.

3. Home Improvement

Whether you are seeking to install solar panels, new roof, swimming pool, remodel your kitchen, or redo your landscaping, consider a personal loan. The loan fits people without equity or not seeking a home equity credit line.

Home is the largest asset for many people. You want your home to have certain features according to your comfort and preferences. You can also buy major home appliances.

4. Medical Bills

Frequent trips to a hospital can quickly accumulate expenses. For example, the cost of IVF may be up to tens of thousands of dollars. It’s more if you’re underinsured or uninsured. Your good insurance may refuse to cover your accumulated expenses.

Do you know insurance companies don’t cover everything in health? When your bills are taken to collections, they hurt your credit score. A personal loan comes with benefits as you can pay all services related to health.

Do you know lenders don’t have the right to take physical assets whenever borrowers cannot make payments on unsecured loans? Unsecured loans are approved without collateral. Rather than pledging assets, a borrower qualifies for a loan depending on income and credit history.

5. Higher Education

Young adults don’t usually pay their education in full. A student loan is a superior alternative if you’re seeking to pay for school.

Some student loans are based on income. They are easy to approve even without scores or with bad credit scores.

Final Thoughts on Why You Should Apply for a Personal Loan

Now you got the answers on why you should apply for a loan. The five guidelines mentioned above will help you in making the right decisions.

Are you in need of a quick unsecured loan? Stop looking. Give us a call or visit our website for a quick response and loan approval.

Traveling to Southeast Asia This Summer? Read This First!

Traveling to Southeast Asia This Summer? Read This First!

One of the hottest backpacking destinations in the summer, by far, is Southeast Asia. Not only is it insanely fun and unseasonably warm, but the whole experience costs just a fraction of price compared to other big regional destinations (here’s looking at you, Western Europe).

With that said, if you’re going to maximize your pleasure and minimize your discomfort, there are definitely points to take into consideration before going. In this post, let’s look at a few of the things you should know before you book anything, including the best destinations, the must-do activities, how to pack and what shots to get.

Where to Go

There are so many amazing spots in Southeast Asia, more than any one blog could begin to name. But, in the interest of brevity, let’s list four destinations that correspond to different types of travelers. Which one are you?

    • For the foodie: If you love eating, then follow the amazing aromas all the way to Penang or Singapore. Those two cities are noted foodie heavens, but, really, you can’t go wrong anywhere in SE Asia.
    • For the bold adventurer: If you want adventure, head to the jungles of Borneo or Sumatra and take in the wildlife. Cities like Pontianakor Medan (respectively) make for good starting points into the jungle, where you might even see an orangutan or two!


  • For the all night partier: For a debauched, wild and unforgettable time, head to Phuket, in Thailand, or Boracay in the Philippines.


What to Do

Southeast Asia is famous for four main things: sunshine, food, parties and scenery. To that end, if you’re going to SE Asia this summer, seek out a beach, go check out a few dance parties, eat as much as you possibly can and check out some of the cultural sights, like Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Halong Bay in Vietnam or the Royal Palace of Luang Prabang in Laos.

What to Pack

When packing for Southeast Asia, the most important thing is to stay light and cool. That means packing a light suitcase full of breathable, odour-resistant clothing, like merino wool shirts and underwear, loose swim trunks, flip-flops and a sun protective hat. As far as the nitty gritty of your packing is concerned, consult these tips for those who love to travel – there are some really great resources in that blog.

What Shots to Get

First off, make sure all your routine vaccinations are taken care of and up-to-date (things like measles, tetanus, polio, etc.). Vaccinations will vary according to where you’re going, and what sort of activities you’ll be doing (i.e. if you plan on jungle trekking or just hanging out in big cities).

Most doctors will recommend Typhoid and Hep A, but they might also vaccinate for Japanese Encephalitis, rabies and meningitis. Malaria pills are a contentious issue, and probablyone you should decide upon with your doctor, instead of an internet article!

You’re about to discover what many people before you have discovered: that this unique region is one of the most exhilarating places on earth. Just make sure to be prepared, and don’t forget to pack sunscreen!

Up Close and Personal: What You Need to Know About Personalized Marketing

Up Close and Personal: What You Need to Know About Personalized Marketing

Did you know that 82 percent of marketers report higher open rates when email marketing gets personalized? Of that, a full 75 percent argue that personalized marketing also leads to better click-through rates.

Clearly, personalization represents an important part of your digital marketing toolkit. You want to throw it in there with all your video marketing, SEM, and Search Engine Optimization Packages for use at different stages of your business growth.

But it can also represent an intimidating proposition.

You see, personalization involves one-to-one marketing. This means creating and implementing a strategy that individualizes content through automation technology, data collection, and analysis.

But how do you make this happen in a way that doesn’t eat up your time, destroy your marketing budget, or leave you burned out? That’s where we come in. We understand personalized promotions inside and out.

And we want to give you insights that you can take into your own future marketing campaigns. Read on to learn all about the benefits of personalization and how to use this marketing strategy to your company’s advantage.

The Benefits of Personalized Advertisements

According to Valve+Meter Performance Marketing, individualized marketing comes with countless benefits. These include advantages such as:

  • Increased consistency across marketing channels
  • Increased revenue
  • Improved customer experience
  • Ramped up brand loyalty

Let’s examine these benefits further to see how personalized marketing can give your company a home-court advantage.

The Advantage Your Company Needs

Today’s consumers interact with brands in more ways than ever before. These involve a variety of channels from mobile to social to email. With a personalized marketing approach, you create a more consistent, customer-centric vibe.

Personalization strategies help you appeal to the right customers in the right places. In other words, this approach lets you recognize and respond to customers via their preferred channels.

The result? Ramped up ROI. (And a happy dance from you.)

Customer experience remains a marketing buzzword and with good reason. To make the sale, you have to earn your customer’s trust.

How do you do this? Through personalized interactions that let your customers know that your brand cares about what they want and will go above and beyond to keep them happy. Of course, this starts with individualized attention.

Companies who go the extra mile when it comes to treating their customers like valued individuals earn greater brand loyalty. Why does brand loyalty matter? Because return customers spend 67 percent more than first-timers.

Road Blocks on the Road to Personalization

Of course, personalized marketing, like any other strategy, comes with a unique set of challenges. Your ability to recognize and overcome these will directly impact the success of your marketing efforts.

Here are some of the biggest challenges today’s businesses face when it comes to personalization:

  • Implementing smart segmentation
  • Creating a single customer view
  • Finding the right technology
  • Dedicating enough time and resources to the actualization process

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? That’s okay. Just don’t let these roadblocks discourage you from giving one-to-one marketing a try.

With the right know-how, you can easily surmount these obstacles and ramp up your company’s marketing success rates. Let’s dive into why these factors can sabotage your best-laid marketing efforts and how to avoid this.

Personalized Marketing Pitfalls

Smart segmentation represents more than a trend. It can boost your campaigns’ performances in massive ways. But many marketers struggle with the basic concept.

They focus on simple clustering or broad segments, both of which result in basic segmentation strategies that don’t perform as desired.

When it comes to creating a single customer view, many marketers fail miserably. Why? Because they have trouble linking data with individual customer profiles.

They fail to see the right common threads across channels, and they cannot piece data together so that it points to a single, unified customer profile. As a result, their attempts at personalization look and feel anything but personal.

Outdated technology won’t do your company any favors either. Why? Because automation and data collection remains key to personalization, and you need cutting edge tech to provide this.

Many companies also fail to allocate the right resources to their personalized marketing efforts. For example, they don’t understand that this type of marketing requires a devoted team.

But one thing’s for certain. A lack of dedication to the process will ensure dramatic failure.

Personalized Marketing Best Practices

Now that we’ve taken a look at the benefits and challenges associated with personalized marketing let’s dive into surefire ways to achieve success.

Do you already have a personalized marketing platform? If not, it’s time to get one.

And if you do? Then, spend some time comparing it with other platforms to make sure you’re getting the most value for your money. The world of marketing continues to advance at a lightning pace, so don’t get left behind.

Your next step involves establishing ways to capture data about your customers. In most cases, this just requires a few simple steps. For example, you’ll need to add a handful of code to your website pages.

Once you do this, start collecting essential data about your customer’s behaviors and interests. This data should include everything from purchase history and time on site to click-throughs and abandoned shopping carts.

Congrats! Now you should have a valuable body of data to analyze.

When you take the time to capture data, build the capabilities to analyze it, and develop sites that can adapt, you’ll feel amazed by the results, especially when these processes get fully synchronized.

This is also a prime time to start running A/B tests to gain new insights into how well your personalization efforts are working.

Based on your data and analyses, you’ll sit in a much better place to make future marketing decisions. What’s more, you’ll now be able to act based on the needs of individual customers at different steps along the buyer’s journey.

Get Ready for Skyrocketing Sales

From here, the sky’s the limit when it comes to personalized marketing campaigns. Some of our personal favorite techniques include targeted emails, custom video messages, product recommendations, and social media marketing.

Ready to learn more about effective marketing strategies that’ll skyrocket your business sales? Read on for the full Dishh now.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

There is an average of 16,000 car accidents on any given day in the United States. Thankfully, most of those accidents are only property damage. With that said, one-third of all traffic accidents do involve some sort of personal injury.

Teenagers are especially prone to car accidents, with hundreds being injured every day.

Car accidents have the power to rattle even the most seasoned drivers. Even minor accidents can turn into chaotic and heated affairs. It is especially important in the immediate aftermath to remain calm. When you are calm and collected, it will be easier to know what to do so you don’t end up making matters worse.

Keep in mind that there are steps you can take right after a car accident to help protect you and your interests.

Read on, and we’ll walk you through the most important things you need to do following a car accident.


Whenever your car makes contact with another vehicle or person, you need to stop. If you flee the scene, even if you were the one who got hit, it is still considered a hit-and-run.

Most states classify hit-and-runs as either misdemeanors or felonies. Hefty fines and jail time are common punishments for people who commit hit-and-runs. Plus, your insurance company will most likely cancel your policy after a conviction.

If you can’t stop at the scene of the crime due to traffic, then stop as close as possible.

Call the Police

In most states, it is against the law to not call the police when a car accident involves personal injury or property damages exceeding $1,000. Not sure if your accident warrants a call to the cops? Do it anyway to be on the safe side.

Police can help expedite the process of exchanging information between parties. They will also check to make sure that everyone is safe and the area where the car accident took place is not dangerous to other drivers.

If you end up exchanging information on your own, be sure to get the other driver’s name and address. Also, write down the phone numbers of everyone involved in the crash, including any witnesses. You should also get the other driver’s insurance information as well as the make and model of their car.

Aside from that, it is advisable that you keep conversation to a minimum with the other party. Anything you say can later work against you and hurt your case.

Also, it is imperative that you NEVER apologize. Even if you think that you are the one at fault, remember that you do not have all the information yet.

You should never say “I’m sorry” because the other party may interpret it as an admission of guilt.

Give an Accurate Account

After the police have arrived, the investigating officer will want to speak to both drivers individually. When it is your turn to speak to the officer, make sure that you recall the events exactly how you remember them.

You never want to assume, exaggerate, or guess any of the details. If there is something that you are not sure about, tell the office that you are not sure.

Also, do not eavesdrop on the officer when they talk to the other driver. This is not the time or place to interrupt or chime in, even if it sounds like the other driver is not giving an accurate account of what happened. You will have your turn to give your side of the story.

Always write down what happened as well. It is a good idea to keep a pen and notepad in your car. Our memories become less clear over time and you want a written account while the events are still fresh in your mind.

Take Photos Of The Car Accident

The attorneys at Rinehardt Law Firm recommend taking “as many photos, videos and audio clips as your phone can handle.” Try to start taking pictures immediately after you’ve completed the steps listed above.

Take photos of all the damage to your vehicle, the other driver’s vehicle, and anything else that seems relevant. If there are any visible injuries, definitely take photos of those too.

Receive Medical Attention

If you or anyone else involved in the accident appears to need immediate medical attention, do whatever you can to get them help as soon as possible. When the police arrive, they can also help arrange for an ambulance to come.

Bear in mind that even if you feel fine, it often takes a couple of days after the car accident for you to feel the effects of an injury. Even if you feel okay, it is still a good idea to consult a physician.

Consult Your Lawyer

Talking with an experienced lawyer is the best way to protect yourself and your rights following an accident. Because statements with insurance companies are often recorded, anything you say can be used against you later.

A car accident attorney will know how to accurately give information to your insurance company while still ensuring that you have legal protection. They can also help you receive full compensation for any damages later on plus extract any hard-to-get evidence that can help your case. If you don’t have a lawyer, find a solicitor as soon as possible.

Notify Your Insurance Company

When you contact your insurance company following a car accident, they will let you know what information they need from you for the claim process. This is also a good time to find out what medical benefits your insurance policy contains.

Car Accidents Can Happen to Anyone

A car accident can happen to even the most careful of drivers. That is why it is so important to have these steps memorized so you know what to do when the time calls for it.

Have other lifestyle concerns? Check out our blog for more!

How Nootropics Preserve Mental Health

How Nootropics Preserve Mental Health

Scientists say brain functions are irreversibly reducing as we get older. This is a normal process of aging, and we can’t stop it; just temporarily slow it down. Healthy brain function is of vital importance for the overall health, especially in late years.

The effects of nootropics, such as increased concentration and motivation for work, are short-lived. Nootropics Review Nerd suggests that the active use of these drugs brings some long-term benefits too. Symptoms of cognitive function impairment, like forgetting and inability to recall, can be delayed for several years, even decades.

Nootropics Mechanism of Action

Nootropics are drugs that don’t stimulate the central nervous system in a way that can cause addiction, as illegal drugs do. They affect the metabolic processes in our head, increasing glucose utilization, and activating other mechanisms that increase the energy limit of the brain. These processes improve the blood flow (oxygen transfer) inside in the brain.

Smart drugs stimulate the brain to produce neurotransmitters (dopamine and serotonin), which are responsible for the transportation of signals through the central nervous system. Due to a different mechanism of action, the psychoactive effects of nootropics are not perceived.

Nootropics users don’t feel pharmacological addiction. They experience this brain function boost as increased alertness, better focus, and will to work/study. They process the information more efficiently, their decision-making process is streamlined, and the overall work performance is significantly increased. Finally, all of this indirectly affects both motivation and mood.

Nootropics Are Not Psychostimulants

Laymen can associate the term ‘smart drugs’ with psychostimulants. These are not the same things. Although nootropics affect the brain function, they do not act stimulatingly. Therefore, the use of these drugs does not cause a state of overexpressed emotions and euphoria.

Psychostimulants were popular drugs back in the days, and amphetamine had the most extensive use among them. Today, these drugs are illegal for recreational use, but they still have a common medical purpose, which you can read here.

Long-Term Benefits of Nootropic Use

There is still no magical medication for increasing intelligence, but this is not impossible soon. Until then, we can ‘satisfy’ with nootropics. Permanent use of these drugs affects the increase in the level of transmitters in the brain, which results in a long-lasting improvement of the general cognitive function.

Neuroprotective Effect

Factors such as stress, pollution, poor, lifestyle, genetics, ruin nervous cells. Nootropics reduce the effect of harmful particles, which can affect the normal blood flow inside the head. Active use of this group of drugs prevents toxic damaging of the central nervous system.

The neuroprotective effect of nootropics is based on the fact that the components of these drugs affect the creation of protective shells around the brain cells. That is a fat-containing cell formation called the Myelin Sheath. It prevents damage to neurons and neural connections caused by intense electrical impulses.

More about this brain component find on this page:


Regeneration of Brain Cells

The natural ability of the brain is to regenerate, in response to new knowledge and experience. However, various factors can hinder this process. Regular use of nootropics should maintain optimal brain function as it boosts creating new cells.

Active components from smart drugs serve as material for the building of new brain structure. Another way they help brain regeneration is to act as growth enhancers by strengthening neural links between cells. With ‘rejuvenated’ brains, people retain vitality and clear mind.

Long-Term Memory Improvement

Long-term effects of the use of nootropics may not be visible after several months but will occur after a few years. Smart drugs activate the memory shortly after you take them, and have a short-term effect. When you take these pills once in a while, your brain won’t get lazy. That’s the cognitive benefits of nootropics use on long-term memory. People who are relying on smart drugs will find it easier to remember and harder to forget.

Apart from a healthy lifestyle and a reduced level of stress, nootropics, as a type of mental supplements, can also be beneficial. This group of drugs stimulates brain activity in several different ways. Although most people take smart drugs as short-term brain doping (during exams or work), they can significantly improve the quality of life after regular use.