Elements of a Brand Refresh

Elements of a Brand Refresh

The Elements of a Brand Refresh

Entrepreneur Alexander Djerassi believes that when undergoing a brand refresh, it is crucial to conduct a competitive analysis to determine how well your company’s visual identity is performing. Not only will this help you determine where to improve, but it will also help you understand what your competitors are doing. When undergoing a brand refresh, keep in mind that your branding assets should be modern and cohesive, and should speak to your target customer base. Several factors should be considered during the process, from the style and visuals to the messaging.

The first element of a successful brand refresh is thorough research. While the senior leadership of your company will already know the identity of your firm, it is important to understand what makes you different from your competitors. While your answers may be the right ones for your organization, those of your clients and prospects may not be. Therefore, you need to conduct qualitative and quantitative surveys to gather information. It is important to gather as much data as possible to identify the factors that will influence the success of your brand refresh.

The second element of a brand refresh is research. Your senior leadership will have a general idea of the identity of your company. They will know its competitive advantage, but their answer may not be the same as the answers of your potential clients and prospects. In such a case, you can enlist the help of a third party to conduct quantitative and qualitative surveys and interviews. In addition to qualitative interviews, you can also hire a marketing agency in Hertfordshire to conduct an in-depth survey to get an accurate picture of your clientele.

During a brand refresh, it is also a good time to re-evaluate your messaging. Your core messages should be compelling and speak to your company’s unique position in the market. They should reach your target audience on two levels, at once addressing basic facts about your business and educating them about the benefits of working with you. They should also appeal to your customers and prospects. If these factors are in place, it is easier to convert new clients.

A successful brand refresh must be comprehensive, and the company must have a clear vision of its desired outcome. The first step in a brand refresh is self-assessment. The goal of a brand refresh should be to make your existing brand look more contemporary, more effective, and more attractive to your target audience. Then, the company should engage stakeholders and implement the new visual identity. The brand refresh should also include an employee branding initiative.

The next step is to develop a brand strategy. You must identify the key objectives of the brand and determine the direction of the brand. A successful brand refresh must also be able to reach the right audience. The purpose and vision of the business must be consistent and unique. You can update your logo, colors, and services but not your identity. A good brand strategy will make it more appealing to the target market.

Alexander Djerassi explains, after the brand has been defined, it must be implemented. While the visual identity of a brand is an obvious area that needs to be updated, it should be incorporated into everything related to the brand. The entire company’s visual identity will need to be updated. It will also need to be adapted to the company’s productization. In addition, the refreshed brand should incorporate the new values and goals of the employees.

Djerassi continues to explain how once the brand strategy is set; the next step is to conduct research. In addition to the visual identity, you must have a clear idea of the refreshed brand. The visual identity is one of the first areas to be addressed during a brand refresh. In addition, you must incorporate the refreshed brand into all aspects of the business. Those areas include sales scripts, productization, hierarchy, signature language, and customer experience.