How CBD Can Positively Affect Your Physical, Emotional and Mental State

How CBD Can Positively Affect Your Physical, Emotional and Mental State

We all want to live as positively as we can at all times, but we also know that being positive includes keeping a healthy and physical emotional state. Regardless of your age, this always begins by staying in balance.  What many people do not know and what renowned Gerontologist Dr. Jim Collins wants the public to understand, is that CBD products can help change all three of those facets in a positive manner, simply by adding CBD into your daily routine. It is essential to remember that CBD is very different from THC.  THC is strictly found in Marijuana, as CBD is used as a health and wellness supplement to improve daily life. 

CBD plays a significant role in reducing any pain your body might be dealing with. Whether it is arthritis, chronic pain, muscle pain, spinal cord pain, or any pain caused from Multiple Sclerosis (or other diseases).  By simply rubbing CBD oil onto the affected area, the CBD impacts your brain receptors, so much so, that you will be able to manage any physical pain and will almost immediately reduce it.  Studies have shown that CBD is a prolific non-drug, non-toxic remedy which can be utilized with a vast majority of illnesses and most especially, those linked to the aging process.

 What many don’t understand, but Dr. Collins brilliantly explains in his book that pain comes from inflammation and inflammation brings pain.  As an organic alternative to drugs, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties not only reduce inflammation, but in many cases retard it. As a matter of fact, many elders deal with more pain than those that are younger and Dr. Collins clearly states that he knows CBD is helpful throughout our lives but he also, “believe(s) it can be beneficial for end-of-life care as well”. 

From an emotional, medical, and intellectual perspective, Dr. Collins conveys in Living Longer and Stronger With CBD ( that, rather than stuffing yourself with a buffet of medical prescriptions, an easier alternative is to use CBD in any type of form such as gummies and liquids to improve even depression and other types of mood disorders that people deal with regularly. When reading Living Longer and Stronger with CBD, you will find that Dr. Collins has done extensive research on the mental and emotional aspects of those who are fighting against addiction as well. Not only does he back up his statements with research, but also offers the idea that CBD can be used as a replacement to end a drug or alcohol addiction. CBD can help you get back on track in almost anything that you are wanting to strive for and achieve.  It’s organic.  It’s natural.  And it’s chemical-free.  Whether you’re new to CBD or just looking to learn more at any age, Living Longer and Stronger With CBD provides an excellent background and understanding of the CBD world from an expert perspective. 

What is the Body Ecology Diet?

What is the Body Ecology Diet?

If you are looking to boost your health, there are countless diets to try. The body ecology diet is a relatively new one. But is it effective?

The body ecology diet (BED) was created by Donna Gates as a way to help her treat her chronic candida, a body infection caused by yeast. The recommended foods are said to strengthen organs and boost immunity. It focuses on eating certain foods and how and when to eat them. Cultured and fermented foods are a big part of the diet.

Here are some food groups that should be included.

Herbs and Vegetables

Vegetables that are high in natural sugars such as sweet and russet potatoes, parsnips and indoor grown wheat grass are prohibited as are members of the nightshade family like tomatoes, eggplants, and bell peppers.

Mineral rich ocean vegetables like nori, kelp and wakame are recommended along with most land vegetables. Herbs like cayenne, crystallized ginger, and garlic supplements should be eaten as well.

Grains, Seeds and Nuts

Soaked and sprouted almonds are the only types of nuts that have the green light for the BED. Sunflower, flax and pumpkin should be included too.

The gluten free four grains quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, and millet are permitted in the diet. Nuts, seeds, and grains should be soaked and sprouted to promote digestibility.

Oils and Sweeteners

Stevia is the only sweetener approved for the BED. Any fats and oils included should be unrefined and preferably organic. Examples include cooking oils like coconut oil, ghee and butter and seed oils like sunflower, pumpkin seed, and hemp.


When starting the BED, fruit consumption should be limited to bitter fruits like lemons, limes, and cranberries. Once candida symptoms are gone, (which can take over a year) dieters can move on to include other fruits starting with those that are not overly sweet.

Animal Products

Animal products should never exceed 20% of a meal and should always be eaten with vegetables, Fish and organic meat are preferred. Eggs may be eaten but there are specific times and ways they should be consumed. Kefir and yogurt with no added sugar are the only dairy products permitted.

There is also a vegan version of the diet which requires filling up on plant-based protein and producing and choosing calcium rich dairy replacements.

How to Learn More About the Diet

If you are interested in learning more about the BED, it’s advisable that you read the book, Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity, written by the diet’s creator Donna Gates. The book is part of Gates’ Body Ecology line, which includes various supplements that promote health for those on the diet as well as other individuals dealing with candida. The book will tell you everything you need to know about the diet and creating digestive balance in your body.

Diet fads come and go but the BED is one that makes sense for those dealing with chronic candida. It may also be beneficial to individuals with other health issues. Talk to your doctor to find out if it’s right for you.

The Health Benefits Of CBD

The Health Benefits Of CBD

The Health Benefits Of CBD

CBD is all over the news. It is on every shelf. Some drug stores are figuring out ways that they can add it to their stock. It has become popular in the last couple of years. In some states in the US, it’s still illegal to obtain. CBD is a compound located in the Cannabis Plant. If one suffers from anxiety or some form of pain, chances are one may have already used it. Some people are still not sure what it does or how it can help them. For those suffering from lots of chronic pain, it may be beneficial to look into CBD.

Let us start first by looking at what CBD is. It is composed of two mixtures, Delta Tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH) and CBD. These mixtures play a different part; they have a totally different effect on the human body. CBD doesn’t alter one state of mind, like TCH but, it shows some promising health benefits. It has also been proven to treat epilepsy, seizures disorders, and many others.

Some claim that it helps manage the effect of their cancer treatments. Studies show that it may give some relief to anxiety, PTSD, and addiction. CBD contains an amino acid called L-Thiamine. This compound regulates the body’s responses, which is also found in green tea; it helps reduce stress. Like Helen Lee Schifter( former editor at Hearst Conde Nast), she drinks many green teas to combat stress. CBD can even be used as an anti-inflammatory. It comes in many different forms. Let’s look at a few.


CBD is added to liquids. It comes in a bottle with a dropper, one used to place drops under the tongue, which is quickly absorbed. This is great for someone who cannot take pills.

Creams & Lotion

This is used to treat pain, like muscle and your joints. This CBD cream can also clear up some skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It is still advisable to add very slowly and start within the guidelines of the provided instructions.

Tasty Treats

Gummies. This is said to be the most popular amongst its users because no one knows that you are using them. It’s very discreet. They also come in chocolates, cookies. Remember, you can only get these at a licensed dispensary, and you have to be twenty-one years of age or older, and it’s advisable also to stay with all the instructions that are printed on the label.
One must start with the lowest possible dosage, then add slowly as they go along to see what best works for you. It is also recommended to check with your doctor before increasing any dosage, especially if taking it for seizures. The drops come in 1 milligram per drop. and gummies come in a standard dosage. Would you please read the package before making changes? So if you are like Helen Lee Schifter, just drinking it to relieve stress, it looks quite promising. All these products come with guidelines that must be adhered to.

Healthy Options Can Be Easy When It Comes To Personal Care

Healthy Options Can Be Easy When It Comes To Personal Care

This company is owned and run by a person who understands and cares about your health. As a wellness company, PureBeauty By Lorina ( understands the demands of life, and believes in products because they’ve seen it help themselves. The complete PureBeauty By Lorina catalog of products contains healthy options for wellness, cosmetics, skin care, and more. 

Did you know that when you light a candle, you could be putting carcinogenic elements into the air you breathe?  Lorina does.  She knows  what their customers are looking for and her products encourage calm. Whether you are busy with family, customers, or even zoom calls that never end, there is always time for a minute or two of mindfulness and a beat of relaxation.  In fact, when you take a break every hour for a few minutes, you are typically far more productive.

Finding time to create a balance between self-care and relaxation means planning it with most things.  With PureBeauty, you can simply light a candle, inhale the aromatherapy scent, and continue on with what you were doing.  That minute or two of a break can net you significant benefits over the long-term, including finding better sleep. 

As the founder of PureBeauty By Lorina, Lorina has personally said that she believes candles can create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. At the end of the day, she lights one of her genuine pure soy candles and takes a moment to reflect on her day.  

And after you light your candle, you can even give yourself an “at home” spa treatment with the PureBeauty line of skincare.  From cleansers to moisturizers to treatments, the entire line is chemical free and chock full of organic benefits for your skin and your mind. 

Have a stressful day or one that is more sedentary?  Having trouble calming down your mind or reducing anxiety?  There’s a solution from PureBeauty at your fingertips…simply light a specific candle with aromatherapy that’s relevant to your needs and feel that stress blow away.

Right now, PureBeauty By Lorina is creating their seasonal blends for fall (which we can’t share yet) and along with that will be some new cosmetics.  These new aromas and designs are created by the staff, professionals, and in the home. Some of the company favorites were designed in Lorina’s home with her children. 

So whether you’re looking to pep up or calm down….relax or kindle that special time with a special someone, there’s a product to be found on PureBeauty By Lorina that fits your need.  With partnerships with major organizations like VirExit Technologies and the SaferPlace Market ( and others, it’s easy to find something special for yourself — or your special someone and have it delivered in time for your weekend.

Importance of Staying Hydrated Throughout the Day

Importance of Staying Hydrated Throughout the Day

The importance of keeping yourself hydrated during the day should not be underestimated. There are many simple, common-sense ways to stay hydrated without the use of expensive and complicated sports drinks or even drinking water at work. Diego Ruiz Duran explains how the main goal is to keep your body hydrated so that you can perform your activities to the best of your ability. You must have the ability to replenish what you lose throughout the day if you want to get the most out of your workouts and exercises.

The first thing that you should do when it comes to staying hydrated is to drink a lot of water. You should drink between eight and ten glasses of water each day. When you feel thirsty, you must reach for a bottle of water immediately. Even though you should drink plain water, some people prefer that the flavor of the water be altered so that they do not get the same effect that they would from drinking plain water. If you have a lot of weight to lose, you may be advised by your doctor to drink more water as you are losing body fat. However, if you just need to stay hydrated to stay balanced, it is generally recommended that you drink between two and four cups of water per day.

Another simple way to stay hydrated throughout the day is to add a squeeze of lemon to your water. Lemon helps to naturally stimulate your kidneys to get rid of toxins. It is one of the best natural alternatives that you can use because there are no negative side effects associated with taking it. One of the other benefits that you will receive from using lemon is that it tends to keep your breath fresh. Many athletes like the smell of lemons because it tends to mask the bad odor that they produce during strenuous activity. Lemon can also help to make your stomach feel fuller faster than other natural sources of food.

Staying hydrated is especially important during exercise. If you work out for an extended period of time each day, it is even more important to stay hydrated so that you do not become dehydrated. If you do not take in enough water during your exercise routine, you could suffer from some serious consequences such as muscle cramps and temporary loss of consciousness. If you suffer from any of these problems, it is important to make sure that you are drinking adequate water. Your body will be stronger if it is properly hydrated, which will allow you to perform your exercise routine more efficiently and for longer periods of time.

It is also extremely important to stay hydrated if you are working outside at work or on your lawn mowing during the day. You should always make sure to replenish your water supply before you go home. It is better to have a bottle of water than to risk having the house get completely dehydrated during the day. If you carry a container of water with you and refill it before you leave home, you can still go home and complete your tasks without having to worry about being unable to perform your task because you did not bring enough water with you.

If you drink too much water when you are thirsty, this could cause you to become dehydrated. Diego Ruiz Duran explains how staying hydrated is very important no matter what activity you are engaged in. If you are participating in an activity such as exercise or lawn care, you should make sure to replenish your water supply before you leave your home. If you forget to take in enough water throughout the day, you could end up becoming dehydrated, which could result in some serious consequences such as seizures or even death. If you do not take in enough water throughout the day, you could also damage your organs such as the kidneys or your heart.

The Troubles of Self Diagnosing Illnesses

The Troubles of Self Diagnosing Illnesses

Everyone has at some point gone on Google, or WebMD, to look up their symptoms in an attempt to self diagnose themselves, and see what’s wrong with them. Dr. Cory Harow wants to stress just how dangerous this can actually be. Plugging your symptoms into an online device, andhaving it generate a few ideas that it could possibly be does not help anyone out. It usually gives people the worst case scenarios at the first go-to thing to pop up, when in actuality it’s nothing near that severe. Most of the time, things are never at the extreme level answer it gives, or doctor care would have already been thoroughly sought before Google.

Trying to self diagnose is dangerous in the sense that someone with a mental health problem could try to diagnose themselves, or write it off as not being out of the norm. Could be the person trying to decide if they have covid, flu, strep, or just a cold, and then deciding it MUST just be a cold, because they haven’t been exposed to the others, and have minor symptoms. These are things that can lead to dangerous outcomes. This is why going in to see your doctor is always the better option.

Dr. Cory Harow thinks that you should always consult with your doctor, and try to make it in for a visit when you aren’t feeling well, or something is off. Do not try self diagnosing as a form of a doctor visit, or to see if a visit is needed. Calling your regular PCP doctor is always an option. Speaking to the doctor and nurse about what it is, having an over the phone consultation, to decide if a visit is needed and just how dire it is, is always an option. It’s also a preferred option, rather than attempting to self diagnose.

At an actual doctor appointment the doctor is able to physically see and do the labs or other testing that is needed to be done to come up with the most accurate and correct diagnosis. Whereas with self diagnosing illnesses, there is no lab work, or tests being done. Only assumptions being made, by an online tool, with no medical degree. Doctors go to school for years to learn everything that they know. They can see a patient and narrow what’s wrong down to a few things, then run labs and do imaging and find the answer as to what is wrong with the patient, so that they can now work on getting the patient better. That would have never been possible if the patient had just stayed at home, self diagnosed themselves online, or just shrugged it off. Thanks to an actual doctor though, they are now able to do whatever it is that needs to be done to get better properly. Doctors are really superheroes in white coats. They help us out so much more than we realize. When in doubt of being sick, or wondering what’s wrong. Don’t self diagnose. Consult with the regular doctor and take care.

Benjamin Cory Harow Talks About How to Embrace Post Covid Life

Benjamin Cory Harow Talks About How to Embrace Post Covid Life

The emergence of COVID 19 has affected the livelihood of many people across the world. People’s lives have changed, and we have witnessed the introduction of new ways of doing things. Many things that we were used to changed because of the adjustments we have had to make in life. Social distancing, sanitizing and wearing masks are our new normal. People have been forced to cut on international travel because of the effects of the pandemic across nations. Many schools and social places have also been closed to mitigate the spread of the disease. Other countries like the UK and India have witnessed the emergence of a new coronavirus variant that is more lethal and claims many lives. According to the World Health Organization, over 25 million people have lost their lives to COVID 19.

Fast forward towards the end of 2020, scientists started working on developing a vaccine that will help curb the spread of the virus. This elicited more reaction, with people feeling optimistic that their lives are going to return to normalcy. However, with the introduction of different vaccines across many countries, people’s lives are yet to return to normal. Therefore, we shall have to adapt to a new way of doing things, as discussed below.

We Shall Have to Change the Way We Greet Each Other

For sure, the coronavirus is still around for some time, which brings in the notion of how we shall be exchanging pleasantries. People are being discouraged from having physical contact and shaking hands as it has been the norm during greetings. Instead, we are encouraged to embrace contactless greetings like waving as a form of greeting to minimize the spread of the virus. In the future, we shall see contactless greetings being entrenched as a way of greeting to minimize the spread of the disease.

Introduction of the New Way of Learning

Many learning institutions have encouraged learners to use alternative forms of remote learning to reduce crowds in schools. As a result, learners have embraced cloud learning as the new norm of attending classes. Benjamin Cory Harow is an emergency medical specialist at the West Boca Medical Center in Florida. He is optimistic that people will embrace technology much to minimize physical contact. In particular, people have embraced zoom cloud meeting as a software that enables you to meet online and exchange ideas by minimizing contact.

Better Environmental Conditions

Environmental conditions like fresh air have improved since the emergence of COVID 19. This is attributed to the reduced number of vehicles and industrial emissions. People were forced to stay at home due to the introduction of lockdowns, which meant fewer vehicles were on the roads. With no vehicles on the streets, carbon emissions have been reduced, and the ozone layer remains clean. In addition, industrial emissions reduced drastically because many industries closed due to coronavirus effects, which also reduced carbon emissions.

Though the vaccine has been introduced and international travels have resumed partially, Benjamin Cory Harow is very happy to start travelling again once the restrictions are obliterated.

Exercises to do First Thing in the Morning

Exercises to do First Thing in the Morning

Father George Rutler wants to help a person get into the best possible health. He feels that one way that a person can be healthy is to get regular exercise. He feels that the best time to exercise is in the morning and there are many benefits to morning exercise. According to Rutler, these are some of the best things to do for exercise first thing in the morning.

Walking or Running

In the morning either walking or running is a great way to begin the day. The exercise will help boost the metabolism and it will help the body burn off fat for the rest of the day. A person should do this exercise before they eat anything so they will be able to burn fat the entire morning.


These exercises will help build up and improve the core muscles. It will also help improve the posture. A plank is a resistance exercise and it will engage the muscles in this process without making the muscles move. This movement has little risk of injury. The move will engage the back, the abs, and the obliques. A person will hold this move for 30 to 60 seconds. They will then release and repeat. This exercise is set to work out the core. It will help them burn fat and will allow them to be more comfortable during the day.

Jumping Jacks

This simple and classic exercise is one of the best things for the body and or an early morning workout. This is easy to do and there is no special equipment that is needed. A person can do 30 to 50 full jumping jacks and they can even be done in sets. This will allow the heart to get pumping. It will also increase the use of the legs and even the shoulders. A person will feel like they have the energy needed to keep going all day.


This is another exercise that is easy to do. It will help get the legs moving and allow them to be strong for the day. Squats are some of the best things to do early in the morning. The leg muscles are some of the largest in the body so it is great to work them out. The body will also be able to burn more calories during the day and will help boost the metabolism.


Another classic exercise that can help the body burn fat during the day. This exercise works out all the major groups of muscles. They will help a person build strength and will allow lean muscle mass to keep on burning fat.

Father George Rutler thinks these are some of the best exercises that can be done even in the early morning. When these exercises are done early around the time that a person wakes up it can have a big impact on their day. A person is putting the body into fat burning mode and allowing a person to have additional energy to get through their day.

Dealing with Anxiety, How Can You Control it?

Dealing with Anxiety, How Can You Control it?

Nowadays, it seems as though mental health has been on the forefront of the collective minds of society. With the global pandemic and ongoing restrictions felt nationwide, the ramifications of these closings and changes in daily living have taken a severe toll on people’s mental health.

Anxiety is a mental health condition, characterized by intrusive thoughts, continuous worrying, rapid heart rate, and even panic attacks. Anxiety can cause debilitating symptoms, sometimes so severe that it hinders daily activities. Anxiety is also one of the most common mental health issues. As many as 40 million Americans suffer from at least some form of anxiety. Fortunately, there are a multitude of options one can explore to help alleviate such troubling symptoms and improve quality of life.

One of the most common and problematic symptoms of anxiety is shallow breathing. This is often described as the feeling of not being able to take in a full breath, or even as though an elephant is sitting on one’s chest. Shallow breathing can even lead to a full blown panic attack. Simple, controlled breathing exercises are one of the most effective ways to regulate anxiety. Many high profile figures such as Andrew Napolitano have spoken about the benefits of controlled breathing techniques in helping to reduce anxiety and symptoms of stress.

Anxiety usually manifests itself in physical symptoms. These symptoms are ultimately exacerbated when a large amount of cortisol is present in the system. Cortisol, otherwise known as the “stress hormone”, is produced when the brain senses an impending threat. When a person doesn’t get a good night’s sleep, the brain often perceives just about everything as a threat. Furthermore, a person who suffers from anxiety will often find it difficult to fall asleep, due to a racing mind flipping through all of the “what if” scenarios. This ultimately becomes a difficult cycle to break free from. One of the best natural ways to reduce anxiety and stress is to achieve a good night’s sleep by getting regular exercise. Exercise not only releases endorphins which can improve mood and anxiety, but it is also physically exerting. Many people who suffer from stress find that a daily jog or weight lifting session can not only relieve symptoms of anxiety, but it also helps them get a good night’s sleep, which can often help improve anxiety symptoms.

Some people suffering from anxiety may have tried just about everything to alleviate their symptoms, but still need a little extra help to truly address their mental health needs. Trained therapists are licensed individuals who are skilled in therapeutic techniques which are proven in helping to alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety. Andrew Napolitano has suggested that therapy is an efficacious way to address anxiety symptoms and provide much needed relief to those who need it the most.

Those who suffer with anxiety often find it difficult to achieve relief from their symptoms, however, there is hope. With a bit of trial and error, as well as effective implementation of suggested tips and advice, symptom relief and an improved quality of life is truly possible.

4 Equipment Pieces Every Chiropractic Office Should Have

4 Equipment Pieces Every Chiropractic Office Should Have

When you open a chiropractic office, it is good to have the right equipment. Your patients will need different kinds of equipment when visiting your office. So, you should be set to have the best equipment to treat your patients. If it is your first office, it is necessary to learn all the machines and tools to use in your office. It shows that it is right to note the most significant chiropractic equipment to buy. Below are four important equipment pieces to have in your chiropractic office.

1.    Adjusting Tables

The first type of equipment to buy should be the adjusting tables. Adjusting tables are very significant supplies you will need in your office. These tables are useful when dealing with pelvic or spinal areas. The said tables are also excellent for deep spinal manipulation techniques. When looking for the thought tables, it is vital to pick comfortable kinds for you and the patients in mind. You may choose an adjustable one with a tilting headpiece or armrest. These tables come in various colors and sizes. So, it is relevant to note the exact size to fit in the office. With the color, make sure to select something that can add style to your working room.

2.    Activator Adjusting Tool

An activator adjusting tool is handheld equipment. It is useful in your chiropractic office because it helps deliver low –thrust to your patient’s back. It is great for aligning the patient’s vertebrae in their spine. With this tool, your patients will not feel the excess pain that comes with treating their backs. Since it is a handheld tool, it is smart to find one with a great grip. It is fit to test the activator adjusting tool first before buying it to achieve this. When treating specific areas and pain, this is the perfect tool to use.

3.    Ultrasound Machine

The next piece of equipment chiropractors will need is the ultrasound machine. It is a machine that helps relieve inflammation in the patient’s body. It is great for micro-massage services. It will be great for patients with pain, muscle problems, or swollen parts of the body. It is likewise good for improving blood flow. When searching for the ultrasound machine, it is crucial to consider the latest kinds. The latest ones have extra features and are easy to use. Here, consider the portable ones with different features.

4.    TENS Machine

Another great piece of equipment in the office is the TENS machine, also known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator. It sends electrical pulses in the skin which helps in relaxing the muscles. This machine also helps in relieving pain in the expected areas. When thinking of getting these kinds, it is fit to consider your patient’s needs. It is because TENS machines have various techniques. You may need to look for acupuncture-like, conventional, or even intense TENS. With the correct information, getting the ideal TENS machine ought to be simple to find.

Final thoughts

These supplies can only work best when you go for the correct kinds. It is advisable to know the best brands to use. It is great to know the price of the machines by visiting different dealers or online stores. You may also need to know if the equipment will come with other accessories or not. When you get the right machines, it is easy to offer high-standard chiropractic services to your patients.