Four Studies Supporting the Benefits of the Foam Roller

Four Studies Supporting the Benefits of the Foam Roller

Move over FitBit, there’s another fitness tool that’s taking over the weight room. While perhaps less sophisticated in nature, the humble foam roller is literally on a roll, with more and more research supporting its wide range of benefits. This includes everything from increased flexibility and pain prevention to enhanced performance.

Increased Flexibility

According to the Journal of Sports Rehabilitation, the practice of foam rolling, coupled with static stretching may increase range of motion in the hip more so than stretching alone. Essentially, it helps to increase flexibility in ways we can’t necessarily achieve on our own.

Ever pushed through a great workout only to be punished later on with stiff, cranky muscles? We work out to enhance our lives, but when our workouts leave us in an aching heap the next day, it can become pretty counterintuitive. This is where the foam roller comes in. The tool is a method of self-myofascial release (SMR), an alternative therapy that treats immobility and pain in the muscles.

Pain Prevention

Myofascial release techniques are intended to bring gentle and sustained pressure to the body. Working to smooth out those hard ‘knots’ in the fascia, or connective tissue, the technique encourages a sense of release in the body. And according to a study published in Current Sports Medicine Reports this may be just the release you need. In the study, it was concluded that self-myofascial release has a positive impact on delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOM) and can help to decrease soreness following DOM. This can lead to enhanced performance in the long run as it allows the active individual to exercise longer and more actively.

In another study, individuals were to perform 10 sets of 10 repetitions of barbell back squats over the course of four weeks. In order to identify the effectiveness of foam rollers on quadricep muscle soreness, some subjects completed 20 minutes of foam rolling. The control group did not perform any type of post-exercise treatment at all. When the results came around, the difference was quite astounding. In fact, those who did perform foam rolling were significantly less sore than those who did not, according to the Journal of Athletic Training study.

Enhanced Performance

Don’t let soreness keep you from playing in the game! By incorporating foam-rolling exercises, you may prevent the limiting pain that keeps you from doing what you love. You might also become a better athlete for it. In a study featured in Sports Medicine, it was discovered that those who use a foam roller actually experience an increase in maximal voluntary contraction. For lead researcher, Dr. Lewis Macgregor, there is a strong case to be made for the foam roller as a pre-workout activity to both enhance performance and lower the risk of injury. “I surmise that foam rolling prior to exercise helps to light up the pathway between the brain and the muscle, providing a better understanding of what is required,” Macgregor says. He continues, “Our research—for the first time—suggests that foam rolling offers a viable alternative warm-up technique that does not result in diminished muscle strength, which is often associated with static stretching. It shows that foam rolling may be a useful technique in helping to reduce stress and strain on muscles during exercise and, therefore, could reduce injuries.”

Whether you’re an elite athlete or an active individual, the use of a foam roller can benefit your performance on and off the court. It’s inexpensive, it’s easy to use, and it’s even easier to find ways to work towards your health and fitness goals. Luckily, recovery and training company, BLACKROLL, sold through Active Life Solutions, is making it even easier to reap the benefits.  Active Life Solutions focuses on healthy living, healthy lifestyles and products, which not only rehabilitate, but also prevent injury.  With a full family of products in-house, Active Life offers everyone from the beginner to the elite athlete the products and tools they need to succeed.

Regeneration and Functional Training

BLACKROLL’s foam rolling products are intended to help in two main ways, regeneration and functional training. Used for regeneration, the foam rollers can be used to heal from the aches and pains of daily life and an active lifestyle. While helpful for healing and restoration, the Myofascial release tool may also be used to challenge the intensity of your workouts and to build strength, overall.

Whatever you’d like to achieve, BLACKROLL helps you get there, providing the right exercises to engage and relax various muscle groups. BLACKROLL even provides a convenient phone app, The Blackroll® App to guide training and self-massage techniques.

So, the next time you’re at the gym, you’ll understand just why this tool has become so popular. And with a tool like BLACKROLL at your fingertips, you’ll be ready to roll!

Let’s Talk Love with Barbara Morriss

Let’s Talk Love with Barbara Morriss

Barbara Morriss writes relatable romance stories with historic backdrops. Brining readers back to the glory days of courting and romance. But her novels are more than just love stories, she adds a twist of mystery and a pinch of danger. We cannot get enough of Morriss’ work and hope she continues writing these addicting pieces. Her newest book, A Promise in Autumn is releasing soon, we wanted to find out more:

Q. If you could give your book to one celebrity, who would it be and why?

I would love to give my book to Rob Reiner. I think he’d like it.  My book, A Promise in Autumn, is a romance between two likable, and very different individuals.  Rob Reiner seems to understand the complexities of a relationship and what happens as two people explore a friendship and then a romance. Remember “When Harry Met Sally”?


Q. Who is your biggest writing inspiration?

I love reading historical fiction and non-fiction.  When I read The Boys in the Boat, a gripping story of non-fiction by Daniel James Brown,  I was inspired to tell stories based on historical facts. I am looking forward to reading his most recent book, Under a Flaming Sky.  His books read like novels. He portrays his characters with so much heart that a reader genuinely cares about them.


Q. If could give your book to one singer/musician, who would it be and why?

I don’t know, maybe Adele.  I think she’d like my story.  Maybe she’d even identify with the heartbreak?


Q. Give us the scoop on YOUR great love story!

My book A Promise in Autumn is a good love story peppered with an antagonist, stolen jewels, and enough twists and turns to keep you engaged.


Q. If your book was turned into a film/TV show, who would you tap to play the lead(s)? Why?

For the female lead I would choose, Irish actress Saoirse Ronan to play Keagan.  She would nail the accent and I think she’d pull off the relationship dynamic between an Irish Catholic and an English protestant. Alden Caleb Ehrenreich would make a perfect Raymon, Keagan’s love interest.  I think Saoirse and Alden would have great chemistry like my characters.


Q. What’s one secret about you that you’ll share with the world?

I admire and have a fan crush on tennis great, Roger Federer. I’ve seen him play several times, but never was close enough to say hello. I hope one day to cross that off my bucket list.


Q. What is the core message you want to deliver to the world through your writing/books/stories?

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today, let us begin. Mother Theresa


Rapid Fire Questions and Answers

Q. Morning person or night owl?

A. Morning person – love the mornings.

Q. Reading or writing?

A. This is a difficult choice. I love to read good books and the creative process of writing.

Q. Kittens or puppies?

A. Puppies –They bring me joy, so do adult dogs.

Q. The beach or the mountains?

A. The beach – I have always chosen to live near one.

Q. Road trip or Cruise ship?

A. Road trip – We love to hit the road with our pug, Dudley. Our itineraries always include hikes, beer tasting, and sidewalk dining.

Q. Tea or coffee?

A. Coffee – We need several cups of caffeine every morning.

Q. Karaoke or bowling?

A. If I could sing, it would be karaoke hands down.

Q. The ability to fly or mind reading?

A. Those are two scary choices. Although I fear heights, I think if I could fly like a bird it would be breathtaking. I’m not sure I would want to know what others are thinking. Although when I write, I have to get in the heads of my characters.

Q. Selfie or group photo?

A. Here’s another secret. I hate having my picture taken – group photo for sure.

Q. E.L. James or J.K. Rowling?

A. J.K. Rowling – talk about creative! The thing I love most about her writing is the vocabulary she invents to tell her stories.

Q. Bacon or Tofu?

A. Bacon, one of my guilty pleasures. I should prefer tofu.


Pre-order a copy of her latest book on Amazon!

Meet Your New Favorite Author: Konni Granma

Meet Your New Favorite Author: Konni Granma

The fun and free-spirited Konni Granma gave us the inside scoop to her latest novel “The Lonely Hearts Bar”. The story is a must read for anyone who loves cinema and all things Hollywood. We love Konni’s unique writing style. Her zest for life and adventure is captured perfectly in her stories. We sat down with Konni and learned a little more about what made her tick:

Q. If you could give your book to one celebrity, who would it be and why?

A. Ethan Hawke, because when I was writing “The Lonely Hearts Bar”, as the hero of Mr. BB, I saw him. For some reason it seems to me that he will understand this character like no other.

Q. Who is your biggest writing inspiration?

My mom and dad, and their faith in my dreams.

Q. If you could give your book to one singer/musician, who would it be and why?

A. It would be the composer Thomas Newman, because I wrote “The Lonely Hearts Bar”, listening his compositions from the movie “Meet Joe Black”.

Q. Give us the scoop on YOUR great love story!

A. I am 21 years old and the only love story in my life is my crazy love for the characters of my books.

Q. If your book was turned into a film/TV show, who would you tap to play the lead(s)? Why?

I believe that this will really happen, and on the cinema screens I will see the inscription “The Lonely Hearts Bar”, and in the main role of Mr. BB I will see my dear Mr. Ethan Hawke in a black T-shirt, dark gray jeans and purple converse. And it will be incredibly cool to watch how, after 30 years, the scene from «Dead Poets Society» will be repeated, only now he will be in the role of John Keating. This is very touching.

Q. What’s one secret about you that you’ll share with the world?

I’m not sure that I have any secrets. After all, I wrote a book and published it, and this story is a huge collective image of my life. I am very honest with my readers. Today, I am saving up new secrets for the next book calling “Pulse” 🙂

Q. What is the core message you want to deliver to the world through your writing/books/stories?

A. I want the world to forever remember the words of Mr. BB, that… there is a beginning of what we believe in. And when it gets scary, “throw everything to the wind.”


Rapid Fire Questions and Answers

Q. Morning person or night owl?

A. Early Morning person! J

Q. Reading or writing?

A. Writing

Q. Kittens or puppies?

A. Puppies… and kittens 🙂

Q. The beach or the mountains?

A. The mountains

Q. Road trip or Cruise ship?

A. Road trip!!!

Q. Tea or coffee?

A. Coffee and more coffee!

Q. Karaoke or bowling?

A. Karaoke

Q. The ability to fly or mind reading?

A. To fly

Q. Selfie or group photo?

A. Group photo

Q. E.L. James or J.K. Rowling?

A. J.K. Rowling

Q. Bacon or Tofu?

A. Tofu! Yummy 🙂

Find your copy of The Lonely Hearts Bar on Amazon!

Yoga for Your Face

Yoga exercises for the face are easy and convenient — and they show results! They restore the flow of blood to your facial muscles, which gives your skin a healthy glow, and they can also smooth out wrinkles and help turn a flabby frown into a confident smile.

You don’t need much of anything to begin practicing facial yoga. Just a mirror and the determination to spend ten minutes a day in front of the mirror, making faces.

Here are some of the best facial yoga exercises to give your looks a more youthful, energetic, appearance:

The lion

Open eyes wide. Open mouth wide. Stick out the tongue as far as you comfortably can. Hold this pose for the count of five. Relax. Repeat at least six times.

The monkey

Purse your lips as if about to kiss someone. Keep your eyes half shut. Breath in and out through your nose only, for a count of ten. Then relax. Repeat at least half a dozen times.


Take a deep breath. Exhale forcefully while keeping your lips closed, but not tightened; letting the air flow past your lips so that they make a flapping motion. Concentrate on relaxing your lip muscles so they feel as if they will drop off your face. Repeat this a dozen times; you’ll be surprised how pleasant the tingling feeling for your entire lower face.


Mint Mobile – Bring Your Own Phone

Mint Mobile – Bring Your Own Phone

In the world of prepaid phone plans, Mint Mobile has held its own since Ryan Reynolds founded the company in 2016. 

Is it true you can bring any phone you want to Mint Mobile? Do some phones work better than others? 

When it comes to bringing your own phone, most people cringe. Instantly, the thoughts of how expensive phones are is instantly triggered in your mind. Next, you start thinking about the risk of bringing your own phone and whether or not it will really work. 

Getting Started

First things first, you need to browse the plans and make a decision. Do you want to take the leap and try out Mint Mobile? 

Mint Mobile offers a starter kit that is incredibly helpful in the beginning. This kit is $5 and essentially gives you the ability to test Mint Mobile before you make an official change. You don’t have to buy the kit but it gives the chance to try out the services so you know before you switch whether you will truly like it. 

Here’s what is in the starter kit. 

  • Trial SIM card
  • SIM card
  • 100 texts, 100 minutes, and 100 MB of 4G data

Oh – and if you decide to make a more permanent change to Mint Mobile, that $5 you spent on the starter kit is credited towards your new plan. 

What Phones Are Best?

When you switch to Mint Mobile, you can port your number and you can use any unlocked phone. 

The phone needs to be GSM compatible and Mint Mobile offers a place to check your phone to ensure it will work. 

The next thing you need to do is ensure your phone is unlocked. First, if you are making payments on your phone, you will probably have to wait until it is paid off. You can purchase unlocked phones just about anywhere and if you’re transferring from another prepaid-type service, it’s most likely already unlocked. 

If you are with a carrier and your phone is paid off, they are required to unlock your phone at no charge. You might have to ask, but it CAN be done! 

If you’re coming from another carrier, these are the ones that are easiest to transfer to Mint Mobile. 

  • Metro PCS
  • Straight Talk Wireless
  • Cricket
  • T-Mobile
  • AT&T

Don’t let this limit you, we’re just saying these carriers are the easiest to work with when switching. 

You can use any compatible phone you want. No need to worry about getting the latest iPhone or Samsung to be satisfied with your switch to Mint Mobile. Just be sure to get an unlocked phone and check the phone compatibility to be sure it’s going to work! 


Mint Mobile makes the process of moving your phones incredibly simple. They provide you with everything you need to make the change. Their site even offers plenty of instructional videos to give added assistance if you run into issues. 

If you need any more information on their plans, check out their website and this comprehensive mint mobile review.

Keep your number, keep your phone, and save yourself some money! 

How To Find Chelsea Apartments For Rent

How To Find Chelsea Apartments For Rent

It can be difficult to find NYC apartments for rent for an affordable price. Chelsea apartments can be expensive. However, there are some things that you can do to save money on your apartment.

Get Your Credit Together

You have probably been told that credit isn’t everything. However, your credit score will determine how much money you will spend on your apartment. Get a copy of your credit report. Make sure that the information on your credit report is correct. You should also work towards improving your credit.

Pay off any past-due accounts that you have. You should also pay every bill on time. If you plan on moving in with a roommate, then you should make sure that they also have good credit.

It will be easier for you to get an apartment if you have good credit. You will also have a lower security deposit. Keep in mind that there are income requirements that have to be met. Most landlords require that your annual salary is 40 times what the rent is. For example, the monthly rent is $1,500 per year. You need to make $60,000 per year.

Move in the Winter

If you do not have to move right away, then you should start looking for an apartment in the winter. This is a time when fewer people move. Because landlords are trying to fill vacancies, they will be able to offer you a better deal on your rent.

Find a Good Broker

It is best to work with a real estate broker if you are trying to find an apartment. The real estate broker can help you save money. They can also help you find an apartment that fits your budget and needs.

Offer to Help Fix Up the Property

Landlords spend a lot of money on fixing up the property. You can save money on your rent by offering to fix up the property for the landlord. You can paint the property, take care of the yard work and vacuum the hallway. Many landlords will deduct hundreds of dollars off of your rent per year if you fix up the property.

Keep an Open Mind

You may have your dream apartment in mind. However, you may not be able to get an apartment that has all of the features that you want. You may be able to save a lot of money if you do not get your dream apartment.

About Loftey

Loftey can help you get an apartment. You will be able to search for an apartment based on your monthly rent budget and the number of bedrooms that you want. Loftey has relationships with real estate brokers and landlords- especially in the Chelsea neighborhood. You are guaranteed to get Chelsea apartments for rent at lower prices if you work with Loftey.

About the Chelsea Neighborhood

You can find Chelsea apartments for rent on the west side of Manhattan. It has several points of interest including Chelsea Market, Pika Opera House and Empire Diner. The Chelsea Neigborhoods is home to over $38,000.

Training Like The Elite With Wearable Technology

Training Like The Elite With Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is everywhere: from walking our dogs and checking our Apple Watches to a myriad of other products.  What was once something rare has now become commonplace. Wearable tech is growing, and so are the uses, providing users with access to data they never had before, in ways they never imagined. Where it is having the largest impact: the fitness industry. Here, users are able to not only track their health, but also understand how to prevent injury, recuperate properly from it, and learn so much more about how their bodies work.  It helps us push further, as well as step back when we are at the brink of needing either.

For those that don’t know, wearable technology is a massive growth industry which is exploding at the moment. There are both consumer and professional wearables markets, making the veritable buffet of uses for this technology unlimited.   It seems like so long ago that the first Bluetooth headset was sold, but for those that remember, it was less than twenty years ago. The Bluetooth headset was really the trigger that launched an entire new category of connectivity, including everything from the FitBit to the Apple Watch and beyond.

Early wearables were constrained by the amount they could do.  Today, those limits have been exceeded tens of times over. Companies like dorsaVi have changed not only the way we look at wearables and health, but also the manner in which we use them.  DorsaVi’s real-time data analysis, tracking and profiling enable users to change the way they exercise, move, and even work. For a market that is continuing to explode, this opens doors never seen before.  To put it is context, Statista recently reported that the number of connected wearables is expected to reach 830 million in 2020. For those implementing them in their everyday practices that is truly an incredible measure of growth.

While some have expressed concern over the validity of the information, it is important to remember that it is the partnership between the technology and the human that is doing the work.  The data is measured, reported and based on real-life interaction with the wearable and the data interpretation is by experts in the industry. Companies like dorsaVi are partnering very closely with industry professionals to create, not only client benchmarks, but also programs and protocols which make a significant difference.  The wearables enable, in one word: customization. By partnering with physical therapists, chiropractors, pain physicians, strength and conditioning trainers, as well as coaches in the NFL, NHL, MLS, and NBS, dorsaVi’s motion sensors are making a significant difference both on – and off – the field.

Information that was once only available to the elite is now readily accessible for the average consumer.  DorsaVi is an FDA-cleared wearable based on biomechanical technology. By leveraging biomechanical instruments with smart sensors, the company is able to bring professional-level information to the average person.  With a smart dashboard and user-friendly reports, this wearable device company is providing an easy-to-understand view on our own physical assets.

The company has a strong history rooted in the practice of medicine.  As a practicing physiotherapist, co-founder Andrew Ronchi determined that he needed more personalized insights for his clients. He felt limited by what was available on the market for his practice and in doing so, realized early on, that the wearable market was the place to head. By having the foresight to do so, today, dorsaVi’s smart device is readily available in three main verticals: elite sports, clinical practice(s), and workplace safety.

DorsaVi’s solutions are used by a range of health and performance professionals, while the organization is a market leader in day-to-day training and rehabilitation products. The dorsaVi Professional Suite captures objective movement data that cannot be seen elsewhere.   This data then enables professionals to create customized programs based on their client’s specific needs. With this information, the clinician can mitigate the risk of injury, while guiding rehabilitation when needed. The data also helps make the difficult “return to play” decisions easier, while helping athletes increase their performance the healthy way.  

On the other hand, in the workplace, the insight helps increase safety significantly.  With the custom insight on workers, companies are able to match their physical needs with those of the company and reduce the risk of on the job injuries significantly. This real-time, real-life data also helps companies with their training protocols and manual handling processes, thus benefiting everyone from the company to the employee to the greater market itself.

“In the health space, where dorsaVi operates, improvements in technology continue to make what was once impossible possible,” says Megan Connell, Chief Marketing Officer of dorsaVi.  For this company and those that use their products, the true differential is that dorsaVi has made it possible to see clearly, what was once a significant blind spot, in a cost-effective and user-friendly manner, with medical-grade accuracy.

Eric Lefkofsky Talks About Using Data to Improve Medicine

Eric Lefkofsky Talks About Using Data to Improve Medicine

In a recent interview on Bloomberg TV, Eric Lefkofsky talked about data-driven medicine. Mr. Kefkofsky is the CEO of Tempus, a company he founded to provide technological solutions to medical problems.

Throughout his career, he brought technology to industries that hadn’t used much technology before. He became inspired to do the same with the medical industry when he realized how little health care providers were using data in their work. There was a clear need to bring data to medicine, and he strove to fill it.

He founded Tempus with the initial goal of fixing the data infrastructure underlying care for cancer patients. That involved collecting data about who cancer patients were, what drugs they were taking, and how they responded to those drugs. Tempus than analyzed the data to discover patterns that explain why patients responded to the drugs the way that they did.

The process involves sophisticated genetic sequencing. It relies on cutting-edge technology tools to perform complex analyses that would have been impossible or unaffordable several years ago. For example, as recently as 12 years ago, it would have cost a million times more to generate the kind of genomic data that Tempus generates and uses today.

The result has important clinical applications. Physicians use the information Tempus provides to select medications for their patients. The data helps them pick the drug that is most likely to help patients.

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have all recently announced that they are starting to become involved in the business of data mining for health care. Mr. Lefkofsky thinks this is a positive trend. Using more technology in medicine will improve people’s lives, and the health care industry is so big that there is room for all of these companies to thrive in the medical data space.

Although Tempus is a young company, founded in 2015, it already has had a strong impact on the way that cancer is treated. There are approximately 250 hospital systems that are working with Tempus, and data from about 25 percent of all cancer patients in the U.S. is now processed at Tempus.

The technology will have an even larger impact in the future. Mr. Lefkofsky predicts that in about five years, all cancer patients in the U.S. are likely to have their genomes sequenced. He believes the same thing will start to happen at some point with cardiovascular disease, infectious diseases, and other health problems. Within five to 10 years, almost everyone in the U.S. will have their genonmes sequenced a lot. The result will be an era where medical treatment can be tailored to individuals in a way that was not possible in the past.

Mr. Lefkofsky said that he has learned from all of his past business experiences. He has a simple formula for success. After each experience, he tries to repeat what worked well and avoid repeating what didn’t. One lesson he has learned from past experiences is to wait longer before taking a company public. He says that when there are huge paradigm shifts in the way things are done, it’s better to wait until everything is solidly in place before going public.

Meanwhile, Tempus is growing. The company that started by focusing on cancer patients has now expanded to helping patients with diabetes and depression. Its plans for the future include working with other diseases, including cardiovascular disease.

In addition to being CEO and founder of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky is chairman and co-founder of Groupon, whose world-famous site changed the way that companies attract new customers. He also co-founded Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, Inner Workings, and Uptake Technologies.


The Top 5 Gifts for Your Valentine From the RealReal

The Top 5 Gifts for Your Valentine From the RealReal

The RealReal is there for those who want to go all out this Valentine’s day. You know your beloved deserves to be pampered, so why not let the RealReal do the work for you? Then, all you have to do is choose something rather than stress out about a gift. The following are five gifts to give your wife or partner this holiday.

  1. Mikoh One-Piece

It may be time to admit that the perfect gift for your beloved is a swimsuit piece. It is always hard to find the perfect piece. You need something that makes a statement and looks wonderful. Of course, it is always a good idea to look through your partner’s swim-wear to make sure you get swim-wear that your loved one likes. She might like this Mikoh Hawaii Hula one-piece. It is a classy and colorful piece that is not too trendy. It can definetly be worn a few seasons.

  1. John Hardy Hoops

There are times when the best gift is jewelry. Your loved may like to show off jewelry from time to time, and wearing hoops is a great way to do that. This type of accessory simply does the trick from time to time, especially when she wants to look classy and chic at the same time. The John Hardy Two-Tone Palu hoop earrings are wonderfully designed, and the color could match any outfit. They are definitely worth the trouble, and they should make a great Valentine’s gift.

  1. Gucci Loafers

Gucci loafers could also be the right gift. The Gucci loafers look stylish and comfortable. You want your loved one to walk on air, and why not let your Valentine walk in style, too? These are quite unique and should help make your partner feel special.

  1. Rick Owens Beanie

If your loved one lives in a region that gets cold during the winter, you may want to consider this Rick Owens gift. The Rick Owens 2019 Wool Beanie looks spectacular, yet it is also a simple design that was made to be worn with almost anything. The natural fabric is soft but also warm as can be, making it ideal for any person who wants to stay warm and feel luxurious. You definitely cannot go wrong with this particular gift.

  1. Fendi Bag Charm

Your partner may have a few purses, but there are some nice accessories out there. You can opt for a nice bag charm. These charms have a special way of revitalizing any purse in just one second. Fendi has a beautiful fox fur bag charm that your loved one can use with any purse. It will give all your loved ones bags a new look.

Hopefully, you find the perfect gift in this short list. Flowers are always a go too gift according to a company that offers hand bouquet in Singapore. Of course, you need to make sure you go with your heart when it comes to gifts, so make sure you are listening because it is whispering what your beloved really wants this Valentine’s.

Amazing Chalk Art Images That Will Leave You Speechless

Amazing Chalk Art Images That Will Leave You Speechless

Although Banksy and other graffiti artists still get most of the news coverage, there is a growing cadre of chalk artists that are plying their trade, sometimes anonymously and sometimes signed, across the United States to growing acclaim.

It’s no surprise that San Francisco leads the way in chalk artistry. The city has set aside funds to employ chalk artists to decorate the sidewalks around public playgrounds with whimsical fairy tale figures and heroic comic book figures.

Chicago has white washed several blank building sides for the express purpose of chalk drawing. The city provides youth with free colored chalk balls to sketch whatever they want — within limits of public good taste, of course.

Bistros everywhere from New Orleans to Salt Lake City have paneled their walls with chalkboard, and hired the best local chalk artists to draw not only ornate menu options but fantastical portraits of local and historical interest — like Jean LaFitte the pirate in New Orleans, or Brigham Young in Salt Lake.

And one of the trendiest birthday party stunts in 2019 is to hire a chalk artist, or a whole team, to decorate every available blank space outside of a boy or girl’s home with representations of their favorite superheroes and cartoon characters.