Juan Monteverde Shows How to Work With An Attorney

Juan Monteverde Shows How to Work With An Attorney

Working with an attorney to help resolve a legal dispute can be unfamiliar territory for some people. That doesn’t mean, however, that it has to be a difficult process. In fact, a good attorney can actively help to demystify the interactions between themselves and a client over the course of a working relationship. In order to help our readers better understand how this works, we turned to the career of Juan Monteverde, a leading securities attorney. Through a look at his insights and an overview of his professional history, you should have a better idea of what to expect from your interactions with an attorney.

Professional background

Let’s first take a look at the professional history of Juan Monteverde in order to gain perspective on how he has helped his own clients resolve a myriad of legal issues. As a securities attorney, he focuses his work on issues dealing with stocks and other financial tools relating to public ownership of a company. In this regard, he often works with shareholders during the process of a corporate merger to ensure their rights are properly taken into account. By doing so, he has been able to not only protect the rights of the shareholders he represents, but also to help improve the overall quality of the merger taking place.

The attorney is also known for his work in disseminating ideas related to legal practice. These undertakings date as far back as his time in law school where he was a staff editor of the law review. He also served as the President of Plead the 5th, his school’s official newspaper. His written work in his field has continued into the present, where he produces scholarly content for distribution in legal publications. In addition to writting articles, he also often speaks at public events to help inform others on issues related to mergers and executive compensation. In this capacity, he has spoken at ABA, ACI, PLI, and other legal conferences.

Importance of communication

One of the most important things to expect from an attorney is an open and clear line of communication. Just like any other type of relationship, communication is the basis for making the partnership a fruitful one and even the best of intentions can be for naught if there is a breakdown in this area. Though communication does not necessarily need to be immediate for it to satisfy the needs of a good working relationship, there should at least be enough of it to keep you abreast of developments in your legal matter. If you find that you are unclear about how things are progressing, and you’re unable to get a response from your attorney, then you may have a breakdown in communication that needs to be addressed.

In general, it is reasonable to expect regular updates from your attorney or someone in their office. You are also well within the bounds of a normal working relationship to expect to be clear on the overall strategy for your matter and where in the process you are at a given time. A timeline of events can be helpful in this regard and can be something you can request from your attorney to ensure you’re both on the same page. If you have questions related to that timeline or other aspects of your case, phone calls or other forms of communication should be responded to in a timely manner. Similarly, you should also be responsive to your attorney and provide feedback when asked.

Attorney competence

At present, there are well over one million attorneys licensed to practice law in the United States. While this means that you should have many options available if you should have a legal dispute that needs to be resolved, it also means that there is a wide range of skill levels amongst practicing attorneys. It is important to understand this and realize that just because an attorney is licensed to practice law, it doesn’t mean that they are exceptionally skilled in that regard.

In order to ensure that you select an attorney who is able to meet the demands of your case, it can be wise to look to third-party evaluations of their abilities. This will help you feel confident that your attorney is competent in the field in which they practice. To take an example from the career of Juan Monteverde, the attorney is ranked by numerous outside organizations, such as Martindale-Hubbell, as a top practitioner in his field. In fact, Super Lawyers has listed him as a New York Metro Rising Star in multiple different years, an award given to only the top 2.5% of attorneys in a given specialty.

Understanding fees

Another important issue to understand fully is the fees that will be associated with a particular legal action. There’s no overarching rule that can be used to determine how much it will cost to engage an attorney in services. Instead, this is an item that should be discussed between a client and their attorney directly. This issue is of sufficient importance that it should be discussed at the outset of a working relationship so as to prevent any misunderstandings down the road.

Examples of possible fee structures vary drastically depending on the attorney’s experience level, type of legal action, and other factors. Some attorneys will operate on a pro bono basis, meaning there is no charge for their services. This is sometimes done in the case of low-income clients. Other legal actions might be paid for with a percentage of a client’s awarded damages, in the case of some civil suits. Other attorneys may charge a flat hourly fee. Knowing an attorney’s fee structure from the outset is an important part of the full and honest communication that all clients should expect.

While many people may not have a full understanding of what to expect from a potential attorney, they need not be left in the dark for long. A good attorney-client relationship generally follows certain guidelines that can often be similar to other fruitful partnerships one may encounter in life. Communication and trust are key components in these matters. Looking to the above overview of insights and work by Juan Monteverde can provide a good first step in understanding what to look for if you find yourself in need of an attorney’s services.

7 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

7 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

If you’re trying to shore up your budget, it’s a good idea to reevaluate every line item. While things like groceries are, of course, necessary, there are always ways that you can reduce the amount you spend at the store. The same is true for utilities like gas and electricity. Read on if you’re looking for some simple ways to save on energy bills.

Buy energy-efficient light bulbs.

One of the most common components of any list of suggestions for how to save on your electric bill is to buy better lightbulbs. Using LED or energy-efficient light bulbs is a surefire way to reduce the amount of energy your bulbs consume each day. Best of all, some LED lightbulbs are designed to last for years, making it easier to save by decreasing the number of times you wind up buying bulbs.

Turn off your lights.

Another easy way to reduce your energy consumption is to turn off the lights when you don’t need them on. If you’ve just left a room, such as a bathroom or your kitchen, make sure to flip the lights off when you leave. You may also want to orient different aspects of your home around windows so that you can make the most of natural light.

Get better windows.

Heating and cooling during the summer and winter are huge culprits when it comes to energy spikes. If you feel like you’re constantly turning the air up in the summer or the heat up in the winter, it may be worth investing in new windows. If your windows are certified energy-efficient and create a better seal, your home will be better insulated, saving you money.

Keep an eye on your thermostat.

Going along with the previous suggestion, it’s a good idea to stay conscious of the temperature you keep your home at. Even adjusting the thermostat down a degree or two in the winter and putting on a pair of socks or a sweater can be effective when it comes to reducing how much money your energy plan charges you. Installing a smart thermostat is another way to help reduce your energy consumption without having to think twice about it.

Use a microwave when possible.

Do you own a microwave? Did you know that if you do, meals that can be prepared in the microwave instead of in an electric oven or stovetop can help you save money, too? Microwaves use a lot less electricity than other, bigger appliances, so when it comes to heating up that soup, maybe you should use the microwave instead of an electric burner.

Insulate your home.

Insulating your home goes beyond getting better windows. Having the proper kinds of insulation in your attic and walls can make a huge difference when it comes to getting a better deal. Especially if you have a higher rate due in the hot summer months and cold winters, it can be a great idea to have your insulation checked. If there are any leaks, or the material is subpar, it may be contributing to the need for your HVAC to work overtime.

Find a new energy provider.

Sometimes, even with the above tips and tricks in mind, you may find that your monthly bill is still a little high. If you’ve determined that your usage level is under control, looking into other energy companies could be the secret to finding a lower rate. Even with an early termination fee, it may be worth switching providers if it means you’ll be saving money by getting the cheapest electricity in any given month. Find cheap electricity plans with iSelect and start comparing your options to see if a new provider could help you save money by changing your rate plan.

The Whiskey Wash Reviews Kevin Plank’s Sagamore Spirit

The Whiskey Wash Reviews Kevin Plank’s Sagamore Spirit

When Kevin Plank was playing football for the Maryland Terrapins, he was continuously frustrated by the fact that his cotton T-shirts didn’t keep his body comfortable and dry. Being an individual who wasn’t easily daunted by a challenge and who liked to pursue passion projects, he searched for a fabric that could wick the sweat from athletes’ bodies when they were on the field.

Eventually, his search led him to a moisture-wicking microfiber fabric that had previously been used for underwear, from which he designed a new T-shirt that kept athletes dry, cool and light by wicking moisture.

The Establishment and Development of Under Armour

Based on the success of his early prototypes, Plank went on to found his company Under Armour in 1996 to produce sports apparel made from microfiber. At the time, he had $40,000 in credit card debt and $20,000 in personal savings, and he began selling his T-shirts from his grandmother’s basement. Nevertheless, thanks to his entrepreneurial drive and sharp business skills, he managed to keep growing the company by expanding its product lines and making smart marketing investments. Now, almost 25 years after its establishment, Under Armour has grown into a multinational enterprise that’s known for some of corporate America’s fastest growth rates, making a total of $5.2 billion in revenue in 2018 alone. 

However, as the company dealt with concerns about questionable accounting practices and slowing sales, Plank announced his retirement as CEO in October 2019.

Sagamore Spirit Produces Award-Winning Ryes

Never one to sit still, Plank also founded several other businesses while heading up Under Armour. One of these ventures was the Maryland-based Sagamore Spirit company, which began construction on a 22,000-square-foot whiskey distillery in 2015. The distillery also features a welcome center, a processing center, a gift store, two tasting rooms, and a full-service restaurant and bar named Rye Street Tavern.

Maryland has long been a center of U.S. rye whiskey production. According to Forbes, before Prohibition, there were 13 distilleries in Baltimore and 31 located throughout the rest of the state. Maryland-style rye is known to be smoother, sweeter and less spicy than its Pennsylvania counterpart, made from 65 percent rye and 35 percent corn. 

As another passion project of Plank’s, Sagamore Spirit’s mission is to produce rye-whiskey that stands out from the crowd due to its unique Maryland style. Sagamore Spirit sets itself apart due to the use of spring water sourced from Plank’s Sagamore Farm, a renowned horse farm that’s located on a bed of limestone rock. The water is filtered naturally through a limestone aquifer, which ensures its refreshing pureness and zest. The rye whiskey is aged in North Point, in a facility with a capacity of 20,000 barrels. 

And it seems that Plank’s rye whiskey is a success, as The Whiskey Wash reports. While experts agree that the distillery has room for growth, its ryes have already won several industry awards. For example, the cognac finish expression won a noteworthy double-gold citation at the 2020 Denver International Spirits Competition. This cognac finish is one of seven ryes the distillery is currently producing. 

Sagamore Spirit Cognac Finish Rye Whiskey

First produced as a distillery exclusive, the Sagamore Spirit cognac finish rye is a delicious 101 proof that’s been aged for four years in charred barrels made of American white oak before being finished for eight months in barrels that formerly contained French cognac. It’s a pleasing dark amber color, with a nose that contains hints of maple bar donuts, vanilla and new leather jackets. As rye aficionados would expect, it hits the palate with spicy notes of cinnamon and fresh-cut ginger before melting down into date bars and brown sugar. 

Now available in wide release, the cognac finish rye makes for good sipping, although it might be sweeter, moodier and darker than some comparable ryes. For those bourbon drinkers who are less experienced with ryes, the Sagamore Spirit cognac finish rye might be a pleasant cross-over. 

While the finish has a long duration, its fading could be more elegant and pleasing — as the sweetness and spice dwindle, drinkers are left with an enduring black tea taste on the palate. 

Fine-Tuning the Ryes

Overall, the Sagamore Spirit company is well on its way to producing some delectable ryes. Nevertheless, some may need a little more fine-tuning before they become true classics.

Jonathan Cornelissen and How Data Affects Everyday Life

Jonathan Cornelissen and How Data Affects Everyday Life

There has been plenty of talk recently about the ways in which data is affecting the economy. This is with good reason, as the ways in which organizations conduct business has been drastically changed by the recent increase in data availability. However, lost in this focus is the impact that data is having on many other facets of modern daily life. To dive into this topic, we looked to work conducted by Jonathan Cornelissen, a founder of a leading data education startup. Through a look at his work, along with an overview of modern data usage, you will be able to gain a better idea of how the field affects many of your daily actions.

Professional background

For a sense of his credentials, let’s first take a brief look at the professional history of Jonathan Cornelissen. The tech entrepreneur first thought up the idea for his data startup while pursuing his Ph.D. At that time, he already had a sense of how data was poised to change the world and he was taking steps to tailor his education in that direction. To do so, he began learning the R programming language, popular for its usability in data science applications. When he found the language challenging to learn through his formal studies, he looked for additional resources to aid in his education using his analytical skills to the best of his abilities. To his surprise, there was a notable lack of independent platforms offering engaging educational content geared towards the field of data science.

To address this shortfall, he founded his startup along with a small group of his peers. The idea behind it was that it could not only help people at formal educational institutions, but also those who were already in the workplace. The endeavor turned out to be a success, first while working alongside formal academic partners and later after taking the platform more widely to market. It has since become one of the most popular data resources online and has helped educate over four million learners in the field of data science.

Data at home

As the startup founder foresaw when he created his company years ago, data has become an increasingly more important part of daily existence, a fact that is perhaps seen most easily through the way it affects life at home. One of the key issues affecting modern home life is the access a particular household has to goods and services. For instance, an individual living in a more rural area might have to drive quite far to access their nearest supermarket, whereas a suburban resident might have a plethora of options within close proximity. This type of consideration can have a compounding effect on the quality of daily life, sometimes even making an impact on how much access one has to healthy food choices.

While it might not seem immediately obvious to those outside the field, this aspect of modern life is heavily tied into the field of data science. The reason for this lies partly in the manner in which companies make decisions about where to operate retail locations. One factor that weighs heavily in this regard is the demographic makeup of a given area. Data analysis of these demographics allows companies to predict where their products might be best received and where they stand to make the most profit. Business choices made as a result of this type of data analysis can trickle down to the community scale in the form of decisions about where to place supermarkets, affecting individuals in the manner detailed above.

Education and data

Demographic data can also have a large impact on the quality of education available to residents of different areas. This data, often pulled from census information, can help governments ascertain population levels, income disparities, age ranges for residents, and more. Governments will often use this information to make choices about funding, teacher to student ratios, school upgrades, and other criteria that directly affect the educational process. As a result of these decisions, educational effectiveness may vary from school to school.

The tech entrepreneur has long discussed the importance of using data to improve the educational process. Having played a role in the formal educational system before transitioning to his efforts in his educational startup, he has a unique view on the ways in which the state of education can be improved on the whole. By harnessing the power of data and the ingenuity of the entrepreneurial spirit, he has been able to bridge gaps in a system that does not always adequately meet the needs of students in his field. His work, though often focused on data science, is widely applicable to educational efforts on a larger scale.


Another area in which data plays a key role is in the field of healthcare. This can be seen in many different aspects of the field, but one area that is especially relevant to daily life is the way in which data affects health insurance. This manifests through the ways in which insurance companies determine premiums and other aspects of their offerings. Though this process can vary between companies, all insurance companies use data as a primary means of serving clients and staying economically viable.

Data is also used by hospitals to better serve the patients who pass through their doors. This data can be as simple as exit surveys which allow them to analyze quality of care, or it can delve into more complex areas of disease analysis to innovate new ways to treat illnesses. No matter the specific method, it is again evident that data plays a huge role in this area of life which is vitally important to the wellbeing of individuals in the modern world.

While it is true that data has helped to revolutionize the workplace in recent history and has changed much about how companies are run, it is also important to note the ways in which the field of data science is changing our everyday lives. From the above overview, we can see that this is apparent in many different foundational parts of life, such as healthcare, education, nutrition, and more. Coupled with information on the work of Jonathan Cornelissen, this analysis should provide a helpful jumping-off point for those interested in the effect data has on life in present-day society.

What You Should Know About 1-Andro Before Using It

You have probably heard about steroids. People that work out and want to have a fit physical form often use steroids to achieve that. Also, steroids are used to shape and enlarge muscles, mostly in the upper part of the body. The male population is known for using more steroids than the female. However, this doesn’t mean that a female won’t be able to use them.

Moreover, there isn’t just one type of steroids on the market. Read more on this link. There are over thousands of options you can choose from, and new formulas are being invented even as you read this article. This is because a lot of people seem interested in using them and are satisfied with the outcome later on. Just ask any bodybuilder. Their well-defined physique is often achieved through the usage of steroids.

The best thing to do would be to consult with a nutritionist or your personal trainer about what to do. If you have set your mind on a particular steroid, then you should do research about it to find more. Or, if you have been using the same steroid over and over again and want a change, you should also try to learn more online. 

Take 1-Androsterone, for example. There’s been an increase in interest regarding this particular steroid. If you are curious to know more about it, then continue reading this article. Here’s what you should know: 

Why do people use it? 

The function of this particular compound is to increase muscle mass and strength without any fat. In fact, it has become a very popular steroid for muscle building. If you are looking to speed up the process of shaping your muscles, then you should try this steroid. 

Moreover, before you rush into buying it, you should do some research beforehand. There are several websites online that review products like these. Check them out as well. You can also consult with bodybuilders that go to the same gym as you for a recommendation. 

You should also know that there aren’t any adverse side-effects to using it. It won’t do any harm to your organs, and you’ll be able to achieve your goal. You will be able to encounter it under several different names, as well. So, when you are shopping for steroids, have this in mind as well. This is where research comes in handy. The more you know about the drug, the better.

How does it work? 

The first thing you should pay attention to is the right amount of dosage to intake. With it, you’ll be able to take charge of your cortisol and testosterone levels. As mentioned above, the drug is effective for muscle bulking as well as losing fat. There are several benefits of using this compound. Click on the link to discover more about the prohormone https://anabolicsteroiddrugs.com/1-andro/.

With the right amount of dosage, you can boost the testosterone levels in your body. Not only that, but the effect of the drug can slightly reduce the estrogen levels in your system. If this is something you are determined to do, then you should give this drug a chance. However, talk to your personal trainer first. They may be able to offer some advice on what to do. 

The compound can help you control the effects of the hormones in your body. Its formula is designed for those that want to gain muscle mass for a faster period. Also, doing just workout won’t be able to give you the desired large muscles you want on your arms and chest. You’ll need this drug if you want to see a difference in your body. 

What’s in its formula? 

The steroid is made from several ingredients. Some, you might know. The first component present in the formula is gelatin. As you can see, the compound is rich in proteins. Other ingredients include magnesium stearate, silica, modified cornstarch, etc. if you are a bodybuilder, then you probably know about these components and their effect on the body.

If not, then you should do some research or consult with a professional trainer on the matter. If this is your first time working out and trying to get fit, then the more you know, the better. A professional trainer can surely point you in the right direction.

Are there any side-effects? 

This is a relatively new drug that is still being tested. For now, there aren’t any adverse side-effects experienced by a particular user. The best thing to do would be to control the dosage you are planning to take. If, by some misfortune, you start to feel unwell, consult with a medical professional immediately.

However, this is not the case with this particular drug, but different bodies react differently. Always remember that.

Get Rid of Your Student Loan Woes – Hire A Student Loan Lawyer

Get Rid of Your Student Loan Woes – Hire A Student Loan Lawyer

Many American students are struggling with student loan debt. Some have switched to an income-driven repayment plan in order to reduce their monthly payment. Others are forced to pause making payments. If you are one of these struggling students, there may be another option. Working with a bankruptcy attorney may allow you to shed off your loan obligations.

How can an attorney help with student loan debts?

A student loan attorney has advanced knowledge regarding all aspects of student loans and will help you deal with complex situations. A student loan attorney will guide you 

  • When you are facing a dispute with a loan service
  • When the loan issued is fraudulent
  • When a debt collection agency is harassing you
  • When you have been sued in court 
  • When you are on the verge of bankruptcy

Hiring the services of an attorney when you aren’t aware of your legal options is enormously helpful. Only an attorney will be able to shed light on which solution will work best for your particular situation. In certain cases you may be able to discharge student loans in bankruptcy.

How do I confirm the proficiency of an attorney?

Look for lawyers who are listed in the National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys. You can also check the American Bar Association. Check if the lawyer:

  • Specializes in student loans: Rather than opting for a general practitioner, hire the services of an attorney who specializes in debt relief law as he/she will be more aware of the nuances involved and have experience in handling student loan cases. Even those who specialize in consumer loan debt may not be able to provide good relief options.
  • Has experience solving your specific situation: Every loan issue is different and requires different course of action. The lawyer you select must have experience handling similar cases like yours. You can ask them how they dealt with a similar case and what outcome to expect in your case.

How to find affordable lawyers?

After you have shortlisted a few attorneys, inquire about their fee structure. Try to find an attorney who charges flat rates, as hourly rates tend to spiral out of control very quickly. Flat rates are preferable for services like document preparation, reviewing the case, resolving a student loan default, negotiating pre-trial settlement and for pretrial work.

The legal fees may range anywhere from $500 to $1000. Though it may sound like a lot, getting a lawyer to handle your student loan issues is worth it. The right advice can help you save thousands.  You’ll also be at peace when you have legal assistance.

Before taking legal action, try to resolve the issue with your loan servicer and discuss repayment alternatives. If you aren’t able to reach an agreement, legal help will prove beneficial.

How Coconut Oil Changed My Life

How Coconut Oil Changed My Life

There’s no doubt about it. People are becoming more focused on their health. This movement involves using products found in nature for the benefits they provide.

When it comes to natural products, the coconut is a gift that keeps on giving. It is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, making it effective in reducing the risk of disease and boosting overall health.

People can take advantage of these benefits by eating the coconut itself or by drinking its milk or water. But coconut also produces an oil that can help boost wellness. Read on to find out more about how coconut oil changed my life.

What is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is an oil that is extracted from coconut kernels. It is tasteless and colorless.

Structurally speaking, coconut oil is full of fatty acids and proteins that are rich in antioxidants. It is also rich in medium chain fatty acids (MFCAs) like caprylic acid, laurel acid, and capric acid. These MFCAs are easily digestible, and they are quickly converted into energy as opposed to fat.

What are the Health Benefits of Coconut Oil?

But if you really want to know how coconut oil changed my life, that would be due to the health benefits it provides. Here are some of the ways it can help improve your wellness.

  • Boosts Good Cholesterol: Adding coconut oil to your diet has been shown to boost good cholesterol levels.
  • Good for Blood Sugar and Diabetes: Coconut oil’s ability to boost metabolism and suppress appetite makes it good for weight loss. It also battles insulin resistance. These properties make it recommended in controlling blood sugar and managing diabetes.
  • Fights Alzheimer’s: The MFCAs in coconut oil are effective in improving brain function in Alzheimer’s patients.
  • Boosts Liver Health: Coconut oil guards against liver damage and has been known to cure urinary tract infections.
  • Good for Hair and Skin: Coconut oil can be put directly on hair and skin, working as a natural moisturizer and providing anti-aging properties.

Finding the Right Coconut Oil Products

If you are looking to add coconut oil to your meals or use it in your beauty routine, you want to find a product that is as pure and effective as possible. Here are a few we recommend.

Jarrow Formula’s Coconut Oil Organic: The Jarrow Formula company prides itself in offering award-winning products that are tested for their potency and purity. Their organic coconut oil can be used in solid or liquid form for cooking and baking. It is pressed directly from the coconut and it is solvent free.

NOW Foods Coconut Oil Natural: NOW Foods has been around for about 80 years, and they have established a reputation as a leader in whole foods and natural supplements. Their natural coconut oil can be applied directly to the skin or the scalp to condition and moisturize. It has a great fresh scent, and it is a terrific alternative to other cosmetic products that may contain toxic chemicals.

Coconut oil changed my life, and it can change yours too. Try adding it to your diet and your beauty and skin care routines to see how it works to boost your health and wellness. 

Gary Barber and Spyglass Entertainment Fail to Create Victims’ Fund for Harvey Weinstein Victims

Gary Barber and Spyglass Entertainment Fail to Create Victims’ Fund for Harvey Weinstein Victims

On February 14, 2020, a group of protesters gathered outside of the offices of Spyglass Entertainment head Gary Barber. The group gathered together to advocate for the victims of Harvey Weinstein. According to the protesters, the victims’ fund had never been funded like it was supposed to. Thanks to Barber and Spyglass Entertainment, the $30 to $50 million the fund was supposed to get had never arrived like it was supposed to.

Barber’s Connection to Harvey Weinstein

Originally, Harvey Weinstein was famous for his work as a film producer. He co-founded Miramax and the Weinstein Company. Until 2017, Weinstein was the co-chairman of the Weinstein Company with his brother. In October 2017, Weinstein was dismissed from the company because of sexual assault allegations. More than 80 women made allegations against him, and the scandal sparked the #MeToo movement. On February 24, 2020, Weinstein was found guilty of rape.

The reason why the victims’ advocacy group is protesting Barber is that he now controls the Weinstein Company. In 2019, Barber gained control of the Weinstein Company’s television and film assets through a partnership with Lantern Entertainment. Originally, Lantern Entertainment was responsible for buying Weinstein’s former business after it had to declare bankruptcy in 2018.

The Cause of the Protest

The protest in February began because of a broken promise. When Spyglass Entertainment and Barber took over the Weinstein Company, they had negotiated with former Obama appointee Maria Contreras Sweet. According to the terms of the deal, Spyglass was supposed to put $30 to $50 million into a victims’ fund. They never fulfilled their promises, so the victims’ fund remains empty.

After the protest, the group released a statement. It called on Spyglass Media CEO Gary Berber as well as Lantern Asset Management Capital heads Milos Brajovic and Andy Mitchell to fulfill their promises to Weinstein’s victims. According to the protesters, the victims have been patiently waiting for Mitchell, Barber, and Brajovic to uphold the promises they made. Unfortunately, all of their waiting has been in vain.

A total of about 10 people gathered to make their case in front of Barber’s Century City office. The protesters believe that the original offer was made and accepted in good faith. Instead of following through on the offer, the company never offered the financial contributions it had said it would.

Lantern Entertainment Has Dealt With Fraud and Breach of Contract Lawsuits Before

In 2018, Lantern Entertainment was the subject of a different kind of legal scandal. Documents were filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court involving negligent misrepresentation, breach of contract and fraud. The heart of the case involved African-American producer Marvin Peart.

Peart developed his reputation working in Hollywood and has gained respect over the years for his talent. In the 2018 lawsuit, Peart sued Lantern Entertainment because of the Weinstein Company deal. Originally, Peart was responsible for landing the deal and negotiating the deal’s terms. Once the deal went through, he was supposed to be given a seat on the board of the new company. In addition, he was supposed to get more than $10 million for bringing in Lantern Entertainment as an investor.

Unfortunately, none of these promises were kept by Lantern and the Weinstein Company. Instead, Peart says he was forced out because of institutional racism. In the lawsuit, Peart attacked Lantern for completely cutting him out of the deal. If Lantern had followed through like it was supposed to, Hollywood would have spent the year celebrating the story of an outsider who successfully landed the largest entertainment deal of 2018.

According to the lawsuit, Lantern engaged in historic revisionism through its public announcements. The announcements about the deal did not include any references to Peart’s accomplishments. All of Lantern’s actions were more than just a simple breach of contract. These actions were just another example of how institutional racism marginalizes African-American professionals in Hollywood and keeps them from their rightful place in the winner’s circle. While months have passed since the lawsuit was filed, the case is still pending in the courts.

Who Is Gary Barber?

Barber was born in South Africa. After he received an accounting degree from the University of the Witwatersrand, he began working as an accountant in the United States and South Africa. Since 1979, Barber has lived in the United States. In 1998, he founded Spyglass Entertainment with Roger Birnbaum.

Barber ended up serving as the CEO of MGM in 2010. During his time as the head of MGM, the company produced James Bond films and other major productions. While his contract was resigned in 2017 for another five years, he ended up getting removed from the studio in March 2018. Because of his ouster, he received a settlement worth $260 million. More recently, Barber has made the news for his company’s takeover of the Weinstein Company as well as its failure to pay the victims of Harvey Weinstein.

Like the victims’ fund Gary Barber was supposed to set up, Peart never received everything he was promised. Lantern, Spyglass Entertainment, the Weinstein Company and Barber have developed a track record of breaking agreements when it suits them. While the protesters are hopeful that Barber will follow through on his promises, Lantern and Spyglass Entertainment’s past actions do not bode well for the outcome of the victims’ fund.

mint mobile plans

mint mobile plans

When you decide to choose Mint mobile, there are a number of plans that you can choose from. From different lengths to larger amounts of data each month, Mint offers customized plans for you and your daily needs. 

Amount of Monthly Data3 GB8 GB12 GB
What can I do with the data?Download an app, post 10 pictures, visit 40 web pages, and send 100 emailsWatch 10 minutes of videos, stream 40 minutes of music, 10 apps downloaded, visit 40 web pages, and send 100 emailsWatch ten minutes of videos, stream 1 hour of music, download 10 apps, visit 125 web pages, and send 200 email
3-month plans$75 ($25/month)$105 ($35/month)$135 ($45/month)
6-month plans$120 ($20/month)$150 ($25/month)$210 ($35/month)
12-month plans$180 ($15/month)$240 ($20/month)$300 ($25/month)

You can also take advantage of the refer a friend program and earn up to $240 (that’s a year of 8GB a month for free) and you can do this twice a year! 10 friends = two years of coverage! 

If you have in-home Wi-Fi, you could go with a lower internet plan, saving you money when you use your Wi-Fi. Or if you even have Wi-Fi at work, you could log on and use it at work to save GB.  You could save anywhere up to $840 a year (or $70 a month) by switching to Mint mobile. 

Each plan offers unlimited talk and text, so you don’t have to worry about saving those. You may be worried that the data isn’t unlimited, but if you check your bill you might be surprised by how little data you are actually using. 

The Mint mobile $5 starter kit provides you with 100MB of 4G LTE data, 100 texts, and 100 minutes for talk. This is a 7-day trial period for you to determine if you like to coverage and service. You can buy your starter kit at Wal-Mart, Amazon, Best Buy, and Target. 

If you feel like you didn’t get enough of the coverage you wanted during your 7-day trial period (and if you’re a new Mint user) you can head over to their website to get their introductory pricing. This means that you will get 3 months of coverage for the 12 month price, without the commitment (so instead of $25 a month it’s $15 a month for the 3GB plan. That way you can get the full idea of the service without breaking the bank or making a year long commitment. 

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You can always start low and go high on the data packages. If you run out of the 3GB data, then you can upgrade to the 8GB. If you go out again, it may be time to upgrade to the 12GB data.  Or, you can check the “Data Usage” on your phone or online account to see how much data you normally use each month and go off of that.

Interview with John A. Dracup, PhD, author of Clean Water for Developing Countries

Interview with John A. Dracup, PhD, author of Clean Water for Developing Countries

When we first came upon this book we were drawn in by the smiling face of a little girl playing in fresh, clean water. We often forget that water is a resource that is needed for survival, but many countries continue to struggle with clean water. It’s not someone else’s job to fix this, anyone can help, and author Dracup tells us exactly how in his latest book, Clean Water for Developing Countries.

Q. If you could give your book to one celebrity/scientist/politician, who would it be and why?

Celebrity:   Matt Damon, who is the Co-founder of Water.org.   This organization funds clean water projects all over the world. 

Q. What was your inspiration to write Clean Water for Developing Countries?

1. I spent my career as a professor at UCLA and at the University of California, Berkeley, doing research and teaching water resource engineering, environmental engineering and hydrology.    This experience led me to appreciate the need for clean water throughout the world.  I joined Rotary International,  a humanitarian organization because of its commitment to providing water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) to those in need around the world.  I have worked on Rotary International clean water projects in Kenya, Peru, Honduras and Guatemala, all of which are featured in my book.

2. I have been very fortunate and blessed throughout my life and working on clean water projects in developing countries and writing this book are a means of giving back to those who have not been as fortunate.     

Q. Give us some key points that everyone must know when reading your book.

1.  Anyone coming into a village or a community must work with the local populations to solve the problem of providing clean water.  If it does not already exist, a local water committee must be formed, with representatives from all those concerned.   

2.  The problem of providing clean water to developing countries can be solved.  We have the knowledge and the technology to turn the most polluted water into clean water.  It only takes determination and funding for those who know how to do this. 

3.  By following the procedures laid out in this book, individuals with a wide range of backgrounds can work on and solve this problem in communities throughout all developing countries.

Q. Can you tell us three fun facts you discovered while writing your book?

John A. Dracup PhD

1. A helicopter trip over much of Guatemala, looking for potential sites where clean water may be needed in a community,  is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 

2.  A three hour boat ride to Remba Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya, can be a harrowing experience as the waves can be six feet in height. 

3.  Custom officers in Nairobi collect a 10% tariff on all gifts coming into the country.  However, I found out that a single tee shirt with Barak Obama’s picture on it would suffice as the tax. 

Q. You’re obviously passionate about clean water, what other issues do you wish to help solve?

Two issues come to mind:

  1.  Education in developing countries is an important issue.  Clean water allows children to go to school more often as they are free from diseases.  But the schools must be funded and supported by the local and federal governments.
  2. Two million people throughout the world live on less than $2.00 per day.  Economic equity is essential for peace and the elimination of conflicts in the world. 

Q. Have you visited the developing countries in need of water, if so, what was that experience like?

I have worked on clean water projects in Kenya, Peru, Honduras and Guatemala.  In Kenya, on Remba Island,  which is in Lake Victoria,  after three years of installation the clean water systems became operative.  Women from all over the Island came to get clean water.  They left with the water-filled jerrycans on top of their heads and smiles on their faces. 

All of these projects were a marvelous experience and it was a pleasure to work on them.

Q. What is the core message you want to deliver to the world through your book?

Drinking polluted water causes over a million deaths worldwide each year due to water- borne diseases, such as typhoid and cholera.   These deaths are easily avoided.  We have the knowledge and the technology to clean the most polluted water.   We just need the determination and the funding to do so.