The Internet Is Losing It Over Thanksgiving Doughnuts

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, everyone is buzzing about food, food and nothing but food. Who doesn't love a big family dinner with endless side dishes? How can you argue with potatoes that have marshmallows on top? Dinner and dessert – the best of both worlds


Now, one doughnut store in Rhode Island is bringing a whole new meaning to delicious with their "Friendsgiving doughnut." They basically combined America's favorite snack with America's favorite holiday meal. Think of it as breakfast meets Thanksgiving dinner.

A photo posted by PVDonuts (@pvdonuts) on

Their caption read:


"Introducing our #FriendsgivingPVD donut - a special collab with @bucktownpvd 😍! We've topped our brioche donut with a cranberry glaze, fried chicken, mashed potatoes drizzled with gravy, and stuffing! Available tomorrow through Wednesday after 9am in limited quantities 😉 #PVDonuts #BucktownPVD"

That sounds absolutely delicious. And, if you can't make it to to Rhode Island, don't worry, it can be a great idea for all of the leftovers you're going to have in your fridge. Just hop over to your favorite doughnut shop and top off your snack with all of your favorite dinner treats. Can you say yum?

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