“The Bachelor” Has Come Out With Their Own Brand of Wine

Middle-age women everywhere – rejoice! I know you're all anxiously awaiting the new Fifty Shades of Grey film to come out in theaters, but until then, I have some pretty great news for you. Your favorite reality TV show The Bachelor – where women make complete and utter fools of themselves to win the love of a man who is cheating on them with several other woman – has come out with their own line of wine.


That's right, you can now get drunk off The Bachelor wine while sitting at home in your sweatpants watching The Bachelor, swiping on Tinder looking for your bachelor.



So far, they have come out with three types of wine:The Fantasy Suite (cabernet sauvignon), One on One (chardonnay) and The Final Rosé (rosé).


Of course, the wines are being debut just in time for the holiday season – so you can get your single friend something else to be ashamed about. They cost $15.95 per bottle at bachelorwines.com and will ship December 14th.

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