Company Now Offers Weed Infused Coffee and Tea

When Keurigs first came out, everyone was obsessed with the fact that customers can make coffee out of adorable little pods. Who doesn't love their morning coffee served fresh, right away, when we want it? And, over the years, companies have caught onto the trend. Big name brands such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have created their own "k-cups" in order to keep up with the times. But, as society progresses, so does technology. One company has caught onto the trend of the legalization of marijuana, and so, cannabis k-cups were born.


The company called "BestBudz" is a coffee and tea company that creates k-cups that are infused with cannabis. Therefore, your morning coffee can not only give you a boost, but also mellow you out.


The company states on their website,

"Our vision was to create a revolutionary product that would deliver a medical solution to patients in a beverage that was consumed and enjoyed as part of our daily life. The merging of cannabis and coffee delivered in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way invests us in the responsibility of caring for both our customers and the earth."


The company offers coffee pods, tea pots and even cocoa pods (for those who don't like tea or coffee).

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While you can't actually order from their website, you can chat with them and inquire about business opportunities HERE.

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