Scott Disick Showed The Entire World His Bulge & The Internet Was Freaking Out

Scott Disick is not the world's most subtle human being. Also known as "The Lord Disick," he has a tendency to be a little cocky and arrogant at times, as we've seen him grow into the loving father that he is over the years on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Recently, Scott stepped out in Los Angeles, California and showed off what seems to be some heat.



Paparazzi caught Disick on a nice afternoon stroll in a pair of sweatpants, which of course, showcase his perfectly sculpted bulge for the entire world to see. And, fans and followers of the Kardashian family – as well as several media outlets – were jumping on this as the reason Kourtney Kardashian decided to give their on-again, off-again relationship another try. Also, noting that this rocket in his pocket may be the reason she can't stop having his babies. I mean...




And, the Internet left nothing off limits when leaving comments on these photos shared by celebrity gossip outlets on Instagram, leaving comments such as,

"Holly molly 🙈😂is that normal lol 😂 what a treasure 😂😂😂😂😂"

"Oh that's why kortney don't be saying anything !!! Lmaoooo"

"That thing large"

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"I remember an episode from a long time ago where kris accidentally saw it and she said it was big 😩😩. I need more proof."

"We see you, oh we see you🍆😂"

It seems like the women of the Internet sure are thirsty these days!