Kourtney Kardashian Shares Heartbreaking Message on Snapchat

Kourtney Kardashian is getting into her feels lately it seems, as she's been sharing some cryptic messages on social media for fans and followers. She recently tweeted about how she has "trust issues," when it comes to love, and the timing could not be more ironic, after news broke that she and baby-daddy and ex-boyfriend Scott Disick have been working on getting back together.



On Thursday night, Kourtney shared a Snapchat video where she looked like Kim Kardashian's twin – but more interesting than the identical sister act was the message in the video that said, "Tell me how to love, it's been so long."


Kourtney and Scott broke up back in July 2015, which means they've been apart for over a year and a half. Although the two have three children together (and rumors of one more on the way) Kourtney could not put up with Scott's bad-boy habits and partying ways, leaving him after one too many disappointments. Their breakup and post-breakup parenting have been covered on Keeping Up with the Kardashians over the last year and a half and it can be seen bright and clear how hard Scott Disick is working on getting the love of his life back.


But, like Kourtney says, she has trust issues. It's hard to learn how to trust someone again after they've let you down so many times. There's only so much pain one can take. On top of this, Kourtney has been open about her anxiety issues, saying she uses working out and the gym as an outlet for her anxiety attacks.

It's only natural that Kourtney would be concerned with her own self and protecting her heart in terms of rekindling the flame with Scott. Although he has proven himself to be a changed man and there for his three children and Kourtney, there is still a history of erratic behavior to worry about.

The message on Snapchat definitely reigns clear to have to do with Scott – it has been a long time since these two were together. But, we definitely hope that this is a sign of them two moving forward and putting the past behind them.


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